Welcome to Handy Household Hints, a web site designed by and for those who love the traditional “Do it Yourself” projects. Our goal is really quite simple… To keep you prepared and informed on the best ways to take care of your home, automobiles, boats, etc. Everything from lawn maintenance to tricks to improve your painting skills can be found here on our site.

Do You Love DIY Projects too?
Have you endlessly dabbled with the idea to give that old house a fresh coat of paint? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to drag the car to the mechanic every time you face a minor hitch? Doesn’t a home-improvement project seem to be a rewarding use of your weekend? You need to become a do-it-yourselfer!

We’ve Got Great Repair Tips to Use Today!
We equip you with expert and easy-to-follow advice on repairs, projects and related information that will guide you through the right and safe approach saving you loads of time and money! Enjoy step-by-step instructions for hundreds of DIY projects around the home.

Getting Started at Handy Household Hints
You can get started here on our site very easily. Just decide what you want to learn more about, and then click on the category to the right that represents it!

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About The Folks at Handy Household Hints…
While you may think that we’re technical folks for running this web site, we are actually just hardworking Americans like you are! We spend much of our time just looking for easier ways to improve what we own and value. Once we have some good ideas to run with, we post them here on the web site to provide the information to others just like ourselves.

The reason we got started with the site is actually quite simple. In our every day lives we end up using so many things and finding dozens of things to improve upon. While it’s often difficult to improve things, it is important to maintain things as best you can…. It’s really the only way to protect what you have invested in. Aside from that, we find that Do It Yourself projects are actually addictive! When you get started on taking care of the things you own, you tend to develop a sense of pride and accomplishment. What could be better than that?

As a network of homeowners we rely on one another for great ideas and tips to make the Do It Yourself projects easier while creating better and safer lives for ourselves and our families.

So… if you have a great idea, homeowner tip or a DIY project you would like to share with others… be sure to let us know!