Wallpaper Comes In Many Different Materials

Decorating your home with wallpaper can be either inexpensive or really extravagant and very expensive. It’s the multi-purpose wall covering that can fit into any budget.

Wallpaper is a great alternative to just using plain paint on your walls. You can add so many designs to your walls to enhance the decor of the room. It’s often over looked, but wallpaper can also help make your room cooler or warmer by covering the tiny holes in your walls.

Wallpaper not only comes in an unlimited amount of colors and designs, it also comes in numerous types of materials. Choosing the right design can be a hard enough job, without having to guess at what type you want.

Embossed wallpaper is great for walls that have small imperfections. Because it’s usually thicker than most wallpapers, it can easily cover the small flaws on your walls. And, the raised textures will also help in covering up little dips, cracks or holes.

If you want a really formal look try flocked wallpaper. It not only has raised textures and designs, but they will have a velvety feel to them. Flocked wallpaper is great to use anywhere, but it’s really nice in rooms that have a formal design. Flocked wallpapers require a lot of care when cleaning and won’t last long with abuse.

If you like bright and shiny, try foiled wallpaper. It adds light to a room with it’s reflective material, but will show all the flaws on your walls. For the best look, it should only be used on walls that are really smooth and flat.

Most of the wallpaper that you’ll find in stock at your favorite store will be vinyl wallpaper. Vinyl paper is really good for bathrooms or any room where there is lot’s of moisture.

There are several types of vinyl wallpaper, there’s paper backed vinyl, solid sheet vinyl, fabric backed vinyl and vinyl coated. Vinyl coated paper if wallpaper that is treated with vinyl to make it more durable.

It’s easy to clean and can stand up to humidity, making it a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It can even be used in a basement and it’s even scrubbable and easily removed.

Paper backed vinyl has a decorative vinyl top layer with a pulp or paper backing. It’s moisture resistant and can be used in almost any room and holds up well to high humidity areas. It’s very easy to clean, can be scrubbed and easy to remove when you want to redecorate.

Like paper backed vinyl, fabric backed is wallpaper that has a fabric back layer with a vinyl covering. Vinyl wallpapers are more durable, easier to clean and normally last a lot longer than regular wallpapers.

For a retro look check out the different styles of string effect wallpaper available. This wall covering has very fine threads that run vertically and are laminated onto the wallpaper. This type of paper is harder to clean, it’s not very durable and can’t stand up to abuse.

For a more natural look for your home, wallpapers made from natural fibers are the best choice. These can be made from cork, hemp, cotton, grass, wool, seagrass and other natural materials. Due to their natural fibers, they will have a wide variety of textures and colors.

To make a really drastic, dramatic change in your rooms decor, consider using murals. Murals are wall size portraits that are made in sections and hung like wallpaper. The designs are almost unlimited, from a sea shore scene to a snowy mountain.