Creative Uses For Wallpaper Borders

There are probably as many beautiful wallpaper borders as there are wallpaper designs. In fact, manufacturers realize that a border can give your wallpaper that added finishing touch and make borders that match almost of their wallpaper designs.

Of course, a border can add a lot of design, color or interest in a room that has painted walls. You don’t even have to wallpaper your walls in order to take advantage of the beautiful effect that wallpaper border can add to your walls.

Besides all of the gorgeous designs, wallpaper border comes in numerous sizes. You can find narrow width and very wide widths and lots of sizes in between. While a matching border does look great with your wallpaper, the uses for borders don’t stop there.

Several months ago I put some seashell border around the middle of my bathroom walls. Then I carefully cut out several of the groups of seashells to use for accents. I added one to the top center of the mirror and put one on the back of the wall above the tub.

I also placed one on the tank of the toilet and it’s actually stayed in place! Of course, if you do this, you have to be very careful when cleaning the area that you have the pieces of border.

There are literally no boundaries to the different things that you can do with wallpaper border! And, some of the decorative things that you can use border for aren’t even for walls! You can actually use it on any surface that will allow it to stick properly.

Wallpaper borders are a great way to add some proportion to your walls. You can use them to add grace, elegance, color and even humor to your room. There are many themed borders that are geared toward specific designs such as sports, racing, fishing, hunting or gardening.

While borders were designed to be used along the top of your walls to separate the walls and ceilings, there not only for those areas. Borders can be used to divide a room, separating wallpapers or can separate a half wallpapered, half painted wall.

They can also add a great look when used as a chair rail, or even just above a chair rail to emphasize the design in the molding. Wallpaper borders are also great replacements for wood molding around your windows and doors. They will create a beautiful frame all the way around your windows!

Borders are a great way to adorn your fireplace as well. They can be used to draw attention to your mantle or just make a plain fireplace pop out at you! You can even find many borders in silvers or gold tones that will blend right in with the metals that your fireplace screen or other accessories are made of.

If you really love the unique and unusual, create a box effect in your room with border! Apply the border all along the ceiling line, but add a strip down each corner! It will definitely add a lot of definition to your walls!

If you don’t have a headboard on your bed, you can create one to match your wall border with the same border! Measure how tall and wide you want the headboard to be and mark the outline with a pencil. Paint the inside of the square with a color to match the border and then frame the painted section with wallpaper border!

You can even accent your kitchen cabinets with border so that they will perfectly match your walls. I have even used wallpaper border to create a long, narrow frame on one section of the wall and then hung family pictures in matching picture frames inside the border box!

As long as you have the proper surface the only limits you have with wallpaper borders is the limits of your imagination! Borders are a great way to add fairly inexpensive accents to almost anything in your home!