How to Hang a Shelf on a Wall

You can easily add either storage or display space in your home by hanging a shelf onto a wall. By installing a shelf you can also make the area where you put the shelf more spacious and more organized.

Here are a few steps you can take in order to mount a couple of brackets and a shelf on a wall in your home.

The first thing you have to do is pick out a shelf. You can choose a wooden shelf, or one made up of other materials. You also have to pick out some sturdy L-shaped brackets. Be sure that the top leg of the bracket isn’t longer than the shelf will be deep on the wall.

* If the brackets do not come with screws you have to buy some so you can attach the brackets to the wall.

* In order to have a sturdy shelf you should find the studs in the wall. Do this by using a stud finder. This is important because even if you hang the shelf on the wall and it stays up, it can easily come down and tear up your wall.

* You have to determine where you will want the bottom edge of the shelf will be. Then use a level to make the shelf level and then mark it off using a pencil.

* Now line up the top of each of the brackets with the pencil mark that you made and then mark the attachment on the wall. Set the bracket down for the next step.

When you begin to drill the holes you can do one of two things. One: you can drill the holes slowly and make sure you the wood studs. Two: you can take a hammer and lightly tap into the wall until you feel the wood studs. If by doing one of these two things you are still not hitting the stud you have to realign the shelf so that you are hitting the studs. You may be able to use a shelf without studs but it can’t be a heavy shelf and you can’t put heavy things on the shelf. If this is the case you can use some hollow wall anchors.

* The final step is to attach the brackets to the wall and then lay the shelf across the brackets. If you do not want the shelf to move you can screw the shelf onto the brackets. If not you can simply lay the shelf on top of the brackets.


* When you work with the screws, either the ones that come with brackets or the ones you bought, pick ones that will go through the wall and into the stud about one inch. When you pick screws for attaching the shelf to the brackets make sure the screws are not longer than the thickness of the shelf so they will not go through the shelf when you attach them.

* When trying to locate the stud in the wall be sure not to drill the holes too deep or the screws will not take to the studs.
Author: Jason Green