Preventing Water Damage in Your Kitchen

Many times people neglect their kitchen even though it is cleaned often. Too much moisture and possible water damage are overlooked all the time. If you inspect the following sources of moisture it can help you prevent water damage in your kitchen. By following these simple steps you can keep your kitchen looking good and also prevent damage to things such as your dishwasher, refrigerator, and the sink and countertop.

Thoroughly perform these inspections and you should make these inspections periodically.

* Dishwasher - If the dishwasher does not empty after you use it the main filter on it can be blocked and has to released in the proper way. When the sink overflows with water it is generally because of backups. Generally the problem happens when the drain line is clogged up. You should regularly clean the drain line. Check under the base of the dishwasher to see if there are any leaks. If you do, in fact, find some leaks there may be either a hose that is damaged or an unsealed joint. You can check the connection and then fix it if you need to. You may want to install steel-braided hoses on various appliances, especially your dishwasher.

* Refrigerator - The area that is behind your Refrigerator is often neglected because it is very hard to reach and not one of the most attractive areas in your kitchen. If you inspect this are regularly it will decrease the chance that there are water problems. One sign of water problems is if you find water behind your refrigerator. Do not ignore this problem as it may lead to more severe damage. Find the problem where the water is coming from and fix it right away. If it is a problem that is not easily fixed by you consider hiring an appliance technician. If you find there is mold growing clean it right away so it does not spread. Find the source of the moisture and fix the problem. If your refrigerator is one with an icemaker check the hose to see if it is properly sealed and attached to the main water supply.

* Sink and Countertop - The sink and the countertop are areas that see a lot of water. Regularly check under your sink for links. When you do this remove all the things under your sink, such as your trashcan or cleaning supplies. A drip that is in the trap under your sink points to problems with your drain and it should be repaired very quickly. Check areas around your sink, as pipes that drain slowly indicate that that the drain is blocked. If the faucet is dripping it should also be repaired ASAP. Pay close attention to the countertop, as if there are cracked tiles or there is grout missing you should fix it right away to keep water from pervading. If there are walls or floors that have stains around the pipes there may be an internal leak. This has to be fixed in order to prevent more damage from occurring.

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