Various Types of Nails for the Job

Going to the hardware stores can sometimes be frustrating if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. A lot of people are surprised to know how many types of nails are available. You need to know what type of nail you need for the job in order to make picking them easier.

Most nails are mane from plain steel or galvanized steel. Some of the other materials that are used to make nails are brass, aluminum, or copper. Nails will come in many sizes, many times hundreds of different sizes. Nowadays nails are sold in both home improvement stores and hardware stores and are measured in inches. For a lot of jobs around your house having a store that carries the following types of nails should work for the jobs you are doing.

Common nails will have flat heads and grooves on them that can be found just under the head, so the nail can hold better. Common nails are generally used for construction jobs, but they can be used for any job where you do not care if the head of the nail is visible.

Finishing nails will have very small heads. They are also used for many jobs, but are mainly used for jobs for the look they leave behind. It is hard to see the heads after nailing finishing nails in and it is very easy to fill in the small holes.

Box nails, much like common nails, have larger heads but they are made with a lighter gauge. You should pick box nails if the wood you are working with will split easier. If the holding power of the nail is not a high priority for the job then box nails are great to use for smaller jobs.

Obviously roofing nails are used on the roof for doing such things as nailing down shingles and nailing down other roofing materials. Roofing nails will have larger heads than regular common nails and are also made so they will be able to protect against rust. Generally roofing nails are made from either aluminum or galvanized steel. They usually come in lengths of 1 or 2 inches.

Threaded nails, also referred to as ringed nails, are needed when you want more holding power from the nail. They are almost as strong as wooden screws are, but they are driven in with a hammer rather than being screwed in.

Brads are much like finishing nails. However brads will have rounded heads and are a little smaller.

Coated nails have resin on them that acts like an adhesive when you drive the nail into place. Because of this, coated nails give a lot of holding power. They are not as strong as ringed nails, but they are stronger than most other types of nails.

Masonry nails are made the extra strength steel. The shafts on masonry nails have spiral grooves, which gives them extra holding power. These types of nails must be driven in with a heavier hammer, such as a sledgehammer. If the masonry nail is hit off center they may bend or even crack. Since you will be using masonry nails for masonry jobs it is very important that you use protective goggles to protect your eyes from masonry debris.