Preparations and Precautions when using a Chain Saw

A chain saw can be a very dangerous tool to use. By following some simple safety precautions and various preparations you can ensure that you lessen the chances of you being injured. As you know a chain saw is one of the most dangerous tools you can own. Even though a chain saw is a dangerous tool do not be afraid of it because when used properly they can be a tool that can be very useful. Below are some suggestions on how to use this tool better through preparation and various precautions.

You also must be aware that these suggestions given are not a substitute for experience. If you have a new chain saw and are not very experienced using it you may want to practice felling or pruning smaller trees. Also know that when you operate the chain saw it is definitely safer to use both hands when operating it even if you have a model that is light enough to use in one hand.


* Make sure that you check with the landowner, if it is not you, which trees can be cut and what the requirements are for the stump heights. If you are going to cut trees on private property or on city land check your local ordinances regarding the felling of the trees.

* Before firing up the saw read the instructions. The manual that came with your saw will describe how to mount the guide bar and chain, how to mix the fuel used, how to lubricate the saw, and how to start it up. Many chain saws are specially designed to operate the throttle using the right index finger. NOTE – If you are left handed and try to control the throttle with your left index finger you will not have as much grasp on the handlebar, this can be uncomfortable and unsafe, and the chain will run closer to your body. If you are left handed make sure you are experienced before using the chain saw.

* There are some models that come with a hand guard that also will operate the chain brake. The chain brake is a safety feature that will stop the chain from running when tripped. You must learn how to shut off the chain saw without having to look for the switch. A good way to do this is to ask the dealer where the switch is and ask them to demonstrate how to turn the chainsaw off.


* Wearing protective clothing – Wearing a hard hat and goggles when using a chain saw is the best way to be safe. Because the chain saw is very noisy hearing protection is also recommended. Other items such as leather gloves, hard toe shoes, and timber chaps also can protect you further. Definitely do not wear slippery shoes or sandals or any type of shoe where you cannot get solid footing. Also do not wear baggy clothes that may get caught in the brush or on other objects.

* Refueling Tips – Much like a lawnmower you need to turn the chain saw off before refueling. Don’t smoke when you are refueling your chain saw. If the engine is hot wait until it cools down before refueling. Try to use a funnel so that excess gas does not spill around the chain saw. It is also better to move away and do not saw where you refuel the chain saw.

* How to carry the chain saw – When you carry the saw from tree to tree make sure it is turned off, this can be an annoyance but it can save you from being injured. Carry the saw with the guide bar pointed to the rear or you can point the bar to the front of you if you are walking downhill.

* First Aid – Be sure to carry a cell phone, if you can, in case anything does happen and let people know where you are. If you are going deep in the woods carry a first aid kit with plenty of bandages. If someone does happen to get cut cover the wound with a clean cloth or bandage and apply some pressure to stop the blood from flowing. If someone is cut, no matter how small you think it is, get some professional medical attention.

Author: Jason Green