How To Pick The Right Tools For The Job

There are many different tools available to you to do various projects yourself.  You will need to make sure you have the right tools for your project in order to do the project correctly.  This article will give you a good idea as to what you will need to get to do your project.

If you are needing to repair a large hole in drywall, you can do so by fitting in a patch that is cut from a scrap piece of wallboard.  The patch will then be held in place by a backup plate.  To do this you will need to take a keyhole saw or a very sharp utility knife to make the hole’s irregular shape into an even square.  This will allow the backup plate to fit behind it.  You can use a piece of plywood or wallboard as a backup plate and you should make it about two inches bigger than your hole.  Drill a hole in the center of the backup plate that is big enough for your finger.  You can apply glue around the edges of the plate to glue it in place rather than using drywall screws.  Cut yourself a patch from scrap wallboard about 1/8 inch smaller than the hole and glue it to the backup plate.  You will then want to fill the crack around the patch and cover the hole patch with joint compound.  Once the compound is dry, sand it down and reapply as necessary to smooth the patch area even with the wall.

If you are going to build your own deck, then you will need a few tools.  Having the proper tools will make building your deck easier and better.  Depending on construction conditions your tool needs may vary, but most deck projects will require the following tools.  First a circular saw to cut your wood boards.  You will also need a power drill to drill them down on the deck foundation.  A tape measure will make sure you have your boards the right length and a hammer will help you nail anything you need to nail or to remove any nails that go in wrong.  A chalk line will help you keep your boards straight and a level will make sure they are level.  You may also need a hand saw to do those smaller tedious cuts.  As always, you will want to get gloves, goggles, and a dust mask to protect you from injury during your project.

If you are painting a room or your exterior, then you will need several tools.  First are your brushes.  You will want to choose a good quality brush to make sure your get a good smooth coat.  A drop cloth will ensure that you don’t get any paint on your floor.  A roller tray and a roller will make the job go by somewhat faster since they can cover a bigger surface area.  Painter’s tape can block off anything you don’t want to get paint on, such as molding or window sills.  And of course you can’t paint without paint.  That is the most important tool at all.  Make sure that you paint in a well ventilated area and if you are going to have to get up high to paint, make sure you have a good quality sturdy ladder.

Having the proper tool to do you project is extremely important and can mean the difference in doing the job right the first time or having to redo the job.  If you don’t do it right, you may even have to hire someone to repair the damage.  That will mean a lot more money out of your pocket.  It is best to dish out a little money up front to do it right the first time, then to dish out a lot more money later to have someone fix it.

WARNING: Make sure that you read all the instructions for any project that you are going to try and make sure that you use the proper safety precautions when dealing with tools and power tools.