How To Choose The Right Drill For Your Projects

Having the right tools can make do it yourself projects so much easier. But, with some hand tools there’s so many different types to choose from it’s hard to know which one you really need and which one you’ll get the most use out of.

If you’ve done any do it yourself projects at all, chances are that you’ve needed a drill for a lot of them. There are various types of drills available and knowing a little about them can save you money in purchasing features you don’t need. But, it can also help guarantee that you’ll have the right tool you need.

There is basically three types of drills, a regular drill, a hammer drill and screw guns. You can now find many drills that are cordless, which is a great feature to have. It gives you lot’s more mobility when you working on a project.

Regular or standard drills are mainly for use on wood or metal. They’re usually fairly small and easy to handle and generally have 500 watt motors. While a small drill is great for small jobs, the low wattage power supplied by these drills won’t work well for heavy duty work.

They’re very durable and offer much more power than cordless drills. With a standard electric drill you can also use attachments to mix paint or mortar. And, you can find various types of drill bits to drill into almost any type of material.

Another problem with standard drills is the chuck size. You should always check the size before purchasing a drill. Some chucks only accept small drill bits, which makes it impossible to use for larger holes or screws.

Hammer drills, just like the name implies uses a hammering action to drill a hole. This type of drill is excellent for drilling into stone, brick or any type of masonry material. But, this type is known to wear out quickly, it can vibrate so hard that you can barely hold it and they often won’t penetrate into harder surfaces.

However, if you need a hammer type drill, consider getting a pneumatic hammer drill. They produce a lot less vibration and usually work their way into any surface. There is a huge difference in the price though, which you need to take into consideration as well.

Screw guns or electric screwdrivers are specifically made to insert screws. Some electric screwdrivers have special drill bits that can be used to drill small holes as well. But, they’re usually not very powerful and not very dependable for bigger jobs.

If you want a heavy duty drill, a drill press is the way to go. Drill presses can be mounted to your work bench, the floor or you can purchase a stand to mount it to. A drill press gives you many advantages over other types of drills.

Less effort is needed to drill into surfaces and holes can be drilled much more accurately and quicker. Being attached to a work bench, you can easily use a vice to hold the piece you’re drilling in place securely while you work on it. And, many have a selection of speeds that can be used to drill.

Cordless drills are very convenient, you just plug them in to let them charge when not in use and then take them anywhere that you need to drill. However, unlike electric drills they don’t provide continuous use. If you need to use the drill a lot, you’ll have to purchase separate battery packs to keep the drill running.

There has been a lot of advancement in cordless drills since they first came out and some actually perform almost to the standards of a regular drill. They battery packs that were originally only 7 volts have been upgraded to around 18 volts to perform for longer periods of time between re-charging the battery.