Choosing the Right Table Saw

If you work with wood a lot you will need to have a good table saw. There are many table saws on the market today sometimes it can be difficult choosing the right one. There are some things you need to look for when you are buying a table saw.

Here are some tips on how to buy a table saw.

The first thing that you have to consider is how you will use it. There are two types of table saws available.

* Portable Table Saws - Portable table saws make long and straight rip cuts, going along the grain of the wood, and repeated crosscuts, going across the grain of the wood, better than regular circular saws. These types of table saws do the same things as the bigger stationary saws, but they can be better as they are more mobile. This makes them a good choice for things such as building decks and framing. They are also smaller so if you have space limitations a portable table saw may be the answer.

* Stationary Table Saw - A stationary table saw is generally set in a specific location and will have more power than a portable table saw. This power will allow the saw to run both knives and cutters to mill and remove larger stock amounts. These types of saws also are compatible with more accessories.

You also have to determine the drive configuration. There are two types of drive configurations for table saws.

* Direct Drive Motors - Direct drive motors are linked right to the saw blade and then transfer all the power of the motor directly to the blade.

* Belt Drive Motors - Belt drive motors have a belt that will transfer the power from the motor to the saw’s blade. In these systems the motor can be set away from the sawdust that can be generated when using the saw. This will cause the motor to last much longer. Belt drive motors generally will need more maintenance and you must check the wear on the belts periodically.

When choosing a table saw the size of the blade is very important. The two common sizes of saw blades are:

* 8 Inch - 8-inch table saw blades are good for working with crafts and other jobs that deal with thinner stock.

* 10 Inch - 10 inch table saw blades allow for extra cutting depth that are needed for cuts that are angled in thinner stock.

Besides the size of the blade the type of the blade is just as important. There are various types of blades available for different applications. Some of the more common blades are:

Steel Blades - Steel blades are the least expensive types of blades and they are good for cutting softer wood. If using hard wood steel blades will become dull more quickly.

* High Speed Steel Blades - High speed steel blades are harder than regular steel blades and they will last longer as well.

* Carbon Tipped Blades - Carbon tipped blades will cost more than steel blades but they will work better with harder wood. They also last much longer than steel blades.

You also need to determine if you will need any accessories with your table saw. There are many accessories that you may need for various wood cutting applications. Talk to an expert and let them know what you will be using the table saw for and if you need any accessories. Some of the more common table saw accessories are:

* Extension Tables
* Accessory Tables
* Sliding Meter Tables
* Dado Heads
* Mobile Bases