Caring For Your Hand Tools

Using the right tool makes a job much easier. Many people have hand tools for home use, garden use, or both. Hand tools can sometimes be pricey and if you care for them properly it can make it so you can use the tools for longer periods of time and they will still be useful.

Here are some ways that you can care for the hand tools you own.

* Have a storage area for your tools. You should have some type of storage area or toolbox for your hand tools. They will be available to you all the time and it will help them stay in good condition. You can keep a toolbox in your house or even in your basement or garage. The less the tools are exposed to moisture the less of a chance there will be that they will rust. It also is a good idea to keep gardening tools made of metal, such as spades and trowels, in a plastic tote to keep them protected from water.

* Do not use a tool for jobs they were not intended for. Only use the right tool for the job you do. When you use your tools in the wrong way, i.e. for jobs they were not made for, it can damage the tool. This will also make the tool more dangerous to use.

* Check your hand tools before you put them away. Before you put your tools away you should thoroughly check them to see if they are damaged. A tool that is broken may cause injury and it, obviously, will not work as well. A few examples of some common broken hand tools are a loose hammerhead, broken handles on tools, and dull screwdrivers. When a hand tool needs to be replaced, do it, as the longer you wait the more of a chance you will injure yourself.

Lubricate your tools. If you have metal tools that have moving parts or are adjustable you should lubricate them to prevent wear. You should use light all-purpose oil, such as WD-40, for this type of job.

* Take care of your tools with wooden handles. If you have tools with wooden handles you should clean them using either sandpaper or a stiff brush. For even more protection you can put a coating of boiled linseed oil on the wood handles.

* If you will not be using your metal tools for a while you should spray some light all-purpose oil, such as WD-40, onto the tools and then wipe off the oil, as this will prevent rust. This is especially the case if you plan on storing your tools in areas that have a lot of moisture, such as your garage.

* Keep sharp hand tools covered or by themselves. If you have sharp tools you want to make sure they do not get damaged and if you keep sharp tools with your other tools it can nick and damage your other tools. Keep sharp tools in a separate compartment in your toolbox, storage area, or cover them to make sure they do not damage your other tools.