How To Paint Tiles To Create a Whole New Room

Changing all of the tiles in a kitchen or bathroom can be quite expensive and time consuming. If you don’t have the money or the time, you can paint them to give the room a whole new look!

The options are limitless in how you can paint the tiles. You can create a checkerboard effect by painting alternating tiles or paint them all. You can also just add some decorations by using stencils.

There are many different styles of stencils to choose from. You can add some seashells to your bathroom tile, add fruits to your kitchen tile or do floral designs.

Basically all you’ll need is some ammonia, a paint roller or brushes, Alkyd paint and a shellac based primer. If you’re going to be using a paint roller, you’ll also need a paint tray.

The type and size of the paint brushes or rollers you’ll need will depend on how you want to paint the tiles.  For small designs you will of course need smaller brushes.

The surface of the tiles will need to be as clean as you can get them in order for the primer to adhere properly. Ammonia and water is a good cleaning solution to use on tiles, clean them throughly and let them completely dry.

Next apply the shellac based primer to the tiles that you want to paint. It will probably be easier to use a small roller to apply the shellac, but you can use a regular brush or even one of the sponge brushes if you’d prefer.

The primer must be throughly dry before applying any paint to the tiles. Follow the instructions on the label for the correct drying times, they may vary with different brands of primer.

After the primer has dried you’re ready for the creative part! If you enjoy painting or crafting, adding the designs to the tiles will be lots of fun!

Stencils can be easily taped into place with either painter’s tape or regular masking tape. Tape can also be used to line the edge of the tiles to keep the paint from getting on the other tiles and to make sure that you get a nice smooth paint line.

If you’re designing your own tiles for installation, it’s best to use unfinished tiles. You can use finished tiles throughout the room and then just purchase enough unfinished ones to paint for accents around your stove or sink.

Unfinished tiles should first be cleaned with vinegar before applying any paint. Then use epoxy paints to create the designs or colored tiles and let them dry for at least 24 hours.

Once they’re dry, you will need to bake the tiles at 325 degrees. The baking time will vary between manufacturers, so if you’re planning on painting them, ask how long to bake them when you buy them.

After they’ve baked for the appropriate amount of time and cooled, you apply them in the same way as you do any tile. Baking the paint onto the tile will make them last longer in areas where there is a lot of moisture such as a bathroom or around your stove.

Since you obviously can’t bake the tiles that are already installed, you can apply a moisture resistant polyurethane to them after you’ve finished the painting. The polyurethane will help the designs stand up to moisture and cleaning much better.

If you don’t have the time to do a tile makeover with paints just use some rub on transfers to add designs. Although, there won’t be as many different choices in transfers you can still find many pretty designs.

For any room that already has a theme, you can design the tiles to match. You can choose a design from the wall paper, fabric or anything else in the room. Just trace the design and use some wax free transfer paper to put the design on the tiles.

There are just so many ways of decorating tiles to match any decor you have. With a little imagination and time, everyone will think that you’ve installed all new tiles.