Simple Ideas For Adding Storage Space To Your Kitchen

There never seems to be enough storage space in the home. No matter how many closets, cabinets or drawers you have, you could always use a extra space. There’s nothing more aggravating than having to dig through stuff to find something or worse yet, not being able to find what you need.

With all the small appliances that you need in a kitchen, it’s one place that could really use extra storage. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a huge kitchen, you’re probably always looking for ideas to make your small kitchen seem larger.

Often, getting more storage space under the kitchen cabinets is just a simple matter of organization. You’d be amazed at how much extra space you’ll find just by keeping your cabinets in order. Another great way to add extra storage underneath the kitchen sink is with stackable shelves.

Sinks generally don’t have shelves under them and by adding just one stackable shelf on each side can help keep stuff more organized and within reach. Plastic stacking shelves are fairly inexpensive and many times you can purchase them separately.

Adding a pot rack is a decorative way to add storage! Pot racks come in various sizes and styles and can be hung almost anywhere. Not only will it look nice, it will get some of your pots and pans out of the way and give you extra storage in the cabinets.

Besides all of the appliances we have sitting on our counters, we usually have knick knacks. While everyone loves a nicely decorated kitchen, when counter space is limited they can be in the way. Adding  some nice wooden shelves for canisters and other items can clear up counter space.

You can even add small shelves above windows to hold items like a collection of plates, tea kettles. baskets or anything else. Many people even add shelves all along the top of the wall to hold their favorite decorative items.

Baskets are another item that can add storage and be decorative at the same time! You can use them to hold dish rags, fruit, large spoons and ladels or anything you need to get out of the way. I have several of the half baskets hanging on the wall and use one for mail. I have even seen baskets hanging from large hooks underneath kitchen wall cabinets!

Something just as simple as adding cup hooks underneath your cabinets can empty all of the cabinet space that your coffee cups use. And, the more empty space you can get, the more storage you’ll have for other items.

Finding ways of using wasted space in your kitchen is one of the best ways to add extra storage. While your stove and refrigerator have to sit against a wall, you can add a corner shelf and take advantage of unused space. Corner shelves come in many different designs and colors and you should easily be able to find one that will add to your kitchens theme.

Many places even offer them unfinished so that you can paint them the way you want. The storage space underneath makes a great place to store large pots, pans, bowls or any other cooking items. The shelves are great for canisters, cook books, cookie jars and many other items that are taking up valuable counter space.

You can also add one of the standing shelves that sits over the back of  the kitchen sink. They’re not very wide, but it’s extra storage for any smaller items that you might have. And, they can also add to your decor.

The vinyl coated racks for cooker lids, aluminum foil and other items can utilize space on your cabinet doors. I even purchased several of the small plastic containers that have suctions cups and are made for showers. I removed the suction cups, inserted screws into the holes and hung them on the inside of my sink doors. I use them for storing packages of seasoning like taco mix, gravies and powdered drink mixes.