Safety Basics For The Do-It-Yourself Job

No matter what type of do it yourself home project you are doing, there are a few basic safety measures that you should consider.  Safety in all your projects should be your first priority.  You will need to protect your eyesight and your hearing.  You should also consider getting a power strip with breaker, a heavy-duty extension cord,and always keep the first-aid kit handy.

The most important safety measure you can take are glasses.  They are extremely crucial if you are working with any type of power tool.  You can even purchase them with tinting if you are going to be working outside.  Before you use any power tool, be sure to read the instruction manual and follow any safety precautions set by the manufacturer.  Make sure the guard is working and tighten any adjustments before you operate the tool.  Wearing gloves will protect your hands from getting injured by getting cuts and blisters.  They will also protect them from any harmful chemicals and solvents that you may be working with.  You can purchase them in a variety of styles and materials, such as latex, rubber, and canvas.

Wearing a mask will guard you against any respiratory damage that could be caused by any airborne particles and harsh solutions like insecticides and paint.  They can also protect you from inhaling a lot of dust if you are sanding or sand blasting.  You will need to protect your hearing even if you are doing something as simple as mowing the lawn.  Long term exposure to high sound decibels can cause permanent damage to your hearing.

If you are doing some kind of home improvement task that could result in a head injury, such as tree-trimming, it is important for you to wear a full-face mask and a hard hat.  Be sure to keep your power tools dry and plug them into grounded electrical outlets and be very careful not to cut the power cord.  Keep your fingers away from any blade and clamp down any small pieces of wood before you cut them instead of holding them.  If you are wearing gloves, take them off and roll up your sleeves before operating any power tool.  Before changing any blade in any power saw, be sure to unplug it so that you don’t accidentally turn it on while changing the blade and injure yourself.

If you are going to be working with wiring, be sure to shut off the power to that circuit first.  The last thing you want is an electrical shock or worse.  Also, when you are working with plumbing, shut the water off before hand.  You don’t want to flood your home in the process of fixing your plumbing.  If you are going to be working on a ladder, try not to lean towards either side.  Keep your body weight distributed in the middle.  Instead of trying to reach for things, get down and move your ladder closer.  Falls from a ladder are the most common cause of injuries at home.  Following these simple safety basics will help ensure your safety while you are doing your home projects.

WARNING: Safety precautions are always a must when working with any type of tools or projects.  Make sure that you read all the instructions completely before undertaking any project.