Preventing Home Based Injuries

Accidents can happen in any aspect of life and that includes during home improvement activities but by applying some common sense and following safety guidelines you can greatly reduce your chance of injury.  The easiest preventative measure you can take when you are working on a home based project is to take your time when you are working.  Rushed and hurried work usually results in more mistakes which can results in serious injury.
If you feel uneasy doing specific tasks you shouldn’t attempt to complete those aspects of a project instead you can outsource that work to a professional who deals with those types of situations on a daily basis. 

Work Ready
When you are preparing for a work project it is important that you wear the proper safety equipment for the task at hands.  You should also take into consideration the clothing that you are wearing as this can present as much danger as not wearing the proper safety gear. Minimal safety equipment for most jobs includes heavy work gloves, protective eye wear, steel toed boots, and a hard hat.  Wearing clothing that could easily snag or result in trips or falls is especially dangerous to wear when you are working on a home project.

Stay Tidy
A clutter work environment is an invitation for injury and accidents that can be avoided by simply keeping your work space tidy and clutter free.  Scattered tools, discarded nails, stacks of wobbly materials, and tangled cords all are unneeded risks that you can quickly eliminate.  This type of work area can also serve as a distraction when you are working and increases injury risks caused by inattention.   You should also keep a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher accessible to your work location in case of emergencies. 

Tool Safety
Injuries obtained by improper tool use are on the rise and can be easily controlled by following the instructions listed in the tools user manual.  You should never alter setting or change attachments on a power tool that is still connected to an outlet.  You should also avoid using tools that have been tampered with or that no longer have the safety guard in place as this can result in serious accidents. 

When you are working with heights like a roof or a ladder you need to ensure you are following safety procedures.  When you are on a rooftop you should always ensure that you have been securely tied off so that a fall will not result in serious injury.  Rooftops can become slippery depending on the weather conditions, you should never climb up on a roof when it has rained or snowed recently as this will drastically increase your chances of falling.

When you are employing a ladder you need to keep your weight centered in the middle of the latter and you should never climb above the second rung from the top of the ladder.  If your ladder has been warped or damaged over time you should dispose of it and purchase a replacement ladder.

Safety should always be your number one concern when you are attempting any type of project and you need to ensure you are always wearing proper safety gear.