Making Your Bathroom Safer for Small Children

Generally bathrooms are designed for adults, but not for children. Small children and toddlers face many safety issues when they are in the bathroom. In looking at the potential safety hazards, from the point of view from a small child, it can help in making a bathroom that is safe not only for small children, but for your whole family as well.

Many times small children have a difficult times in managing such things as toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Here are some things that you can do to make your bathroom safer for small children.

Have a Low-Hanging Sink

If you have a bathroom that is mostly used by children you may want to install a sink that is a few inches lower than a regular one for adults.

Potty Training Issues

If mostly children use a bathroom in your house you should install a toilet that is especially for them. There are several manufacturers that make toilets designed for small children. Many of these types of toilets can be easily replaced with a regular sized toilet when the children grow up.

Use a Stool

You can put a step stool near the bathtub so little children can get in and out easier. You should make sure that the bathtub is one that is slip proof. You should also not leave small children unattended when they are taking a bath.

Have Safe Footing

Many types of bathroom flooring materials can be very slippery when they become wet. Smooth tile and granite is very attractive bathroom flooring but it can be dangerous for small children. A good alternative to slippery surfaces is textured tile flooring or vinyl flooring.

Do Not Get Burned

To avoid from scalding water heating systems should not be above 120 degrees. You should check out your water heater and see if it has an anti-scald device and if does not have one you should install one. Homes that were built before 1985 probably do not have these types of devices. For even more safety you can install a faucet that has safety stops that give you adjustable settings and will restrict how far the handle can go past the hot setting.

Locks for Your Toilet Seats

It is a fact that small children can drown in water that is only one inch deep. Toilet seats can be locked easily by using a simple plastic latch. The toilet lids will automatically lock when they are shut and will easily open with a swing lever.

Cabinet Latches

Locks for many single and double door cabinets, as well as for drawer latches are available. These locks can keep small children out of your storage areas, which can sometimes contain harmful chemicals or other dangerous items. It does not matter if you have a knob handle or pull handle, these types of locks can secure any type of cabinetry you have in your bathroom.