Keeping Your Child Safe With a Home Swimming Pool

Having a home swimming pool is really great through the hot summer months. They can be a place for birthday parties, gatherings and other family events. But, they are also places that introduce a high risk of danger right into your own back yard especially if you have children, or there’s children in your neighborhood!

There are around 250 children that are under five years old drowned in swimming pools each year! A number that can be greatly reduced with some extra precautions taken to keep children away from the water when you’re not there to supervise.

Pool alarms are another way to increase the pools safety. The alarm sits at the side of the pool and alerts you whenever there are any waves on the pools surface! The monitor is installed inside the home, so that you’ll be able to hear it better.

You can also find wrist bands that have alarms built into them. These are simply worn by the child like a bracelet and will alert you whenever they get wet. They will lock into place so that the child won’t be able to just take it off.

Wrist band alarms are the perfect thing for when you need to run in the house for cold drinks and don’t want to make your child go with you. They’ll be able to play outside or sit by the pool safely and wait for you to return!

One of the best ways to protect not only your children, but any children that may live in your neighborhood is with a fence. All kids seem to love water and the neighbors kids may sneak over to play when no one is at home.

The fence should be at least four feet high and run all the way around the swimming pool. If the pool is off of a deck, you might choose to have a solid fence and enter the pool area from inside the home. But, if you want to have a gate entrance, make sure that you have a good sturdy lock attached to the gate.

You can even purchase gates that will automatically close and latch. This is a great way to make sure that no one forgets to shut the gate after entering or leaving the swimming pool area.

This type of gate will have a latch that should be installed near the top so that children can’t reach it. The gate should be kept in perfect working order at all times, if the gate fails to latch it’s not going to provide safety!

Self locking mechanisms can be purchased and easily added to any existing gate. It’s just a matter of attaching the brackets and the latch with screws. The latches can be placed on the outside or inside of the gate.

Installing a gate alarm can also warn you when the gate is opened. These battery operated alarms mount right to the gate. They come with sensors that need to be attached to the gate and the gate post. They are easily turned off with the push of a button to allow you to use the gate without the alarm going off.

Although you may not consider a mesh fence to be a strong means of protection, they are actually quite tough and strong. A mesh fence can be setup and taken down as needed.

These will only work for swimming pools that have decks. Holes are made in the deck that the aluminum fence posts fit into. The fence is setup in sections that are held together with bolt snaps.

Mesh fences are very convenient, they can be setup or taken down within minutes. Another feature of mesh is that children can’t climb it! And, their feet and hands can’t get caught in the fence!

If your pool is located at a deck connected to your home, make sure that you install an alarm on the door. Most alarms will go off after the door has been open for several seconds to warn you that someone has went out to the pool area.

These alarms can be turned on just when you’re not using the pool. The alarm should be placed higher than the child can reach so that they can’t accidentally turn it themselves.

Just remember that using any or all of these safety features still won’t guarantee that your pool is 100% safe. The best measure of safety is of course, supervision. But, these added extras will still make your swimming pool a lot safer place!