Install Lamp Posts at Your Driveway For Added Safety

Walking around in the dark is dangerous and it’s especially dangerous when the ground isn’t level. For added safety and peace of mind you can easily install lamp posts along your driveway or walkway.

Lamp posts will not only add security, they will add charm to your landscaping. They can be found from simple and plain styles to highly decorative and elaborate styles!

You should always check the instructions that come with the type of lighting that you purchase. But, most lights are installed in pretty much the same manner.

You really should have some experience with wiring before attempting any job that requires you to hook into the electric. If you’ve never done anything like this before you might want to get someone that has to help with this project.

The first thing that you will need to do is to decide exactly where you want the lights to be. You can use anything to mark the spots and if you’re adding one on each side of the driveway, make sure they’re lined up with each other.

Next you will need to dig a hole around 15″ to 18″ to give the post a sturdy foundation. You will also need to dig a trench from the house or nearest electrical supply to the post.

Set the post into the hole and pour quick setting cement all around it. Slowly add just enough water to soak the cement, usually it will take about a gallon of water for each bag of quick set that you use.

There should be a small hole towards the bottom of the post. This hole is for the electric wire to enter into the post, it should be pointed in the direction of the trench you dug for the wire.

You can use a stick, dowel or any other tool to mix the cement throughly. Then use a level to check and make sure that you get the post straight. Once the cement has set you won’t be able to straighten the post!

When the cement sets you’re ready to install the wiring. Make sure that you turn the electric off at the breaker box before working with any wires! You can tap into an electric wire from your garage or the closest place available.

If you’d like a switch so that you can turn the lights off and on, install one before running the wires to the posts. The inside of the garage is a great place for a switch, especially if you’re running your wire from there!

Run the wire from the house down through the trench and then feed it up into the post through the hole and out the top. Use a sharp utility knife to divide the wire. Then use the utility knife or wire strippers to remove about 1/2″ of the wire coating so that the wires are bare.

Follow the manufacturers instructions to connect the wire to the lamp fixture. Wire nuts can be used to hold the wires together, these are small, cone shaped pieces of plastic that have internal threads and screw onto the wires.

After you’ve gotten the wires connected, bolt or screw the lamp fixture into place on top of the post. Any extra wiring can be slid inside the post under the light fixture. Now you’re ready to add the light bulb and glass panes or lamp covering.

Driveway lights can help to make you and your family feel more secure by lighting the way to and from your car. They will also add a lot of beauty to your driveway and yard!