How To Stay Safe While Renovating

No matter your skill level and experience doing renovations there is always a risk of getting injured when you are working. The size of the job you are attempting to complete should not affect how you prepare yourself to deal with safety issues.  You can greatly lower your risk of injury by using common sense, paying attention to your safety, and working carefully.  Three major renovating related accidents include power tools, outdoor equipment, and ladders.

Power Tools
Careless use of power tools is one of the major contributors to all major renovation related accidents obtained.  There are over one hundred thousand visits made to hospitals every year due to careless misuse of power tools.  Before operating any type of power equipment it is very important that you thoroughly read the manufacturers guidelines to ensure proper usage.  You should always wear proper safety equipment like heavy gloves and protective eye wear when operating a power tool.  Wearing tight fitting clothing can save you from serious injuries caused when a power tool snags a piece of clothing that you are wearing.

Outdoor Equipment
Outdoor equipment like chain saws and lawn mowers are dealt with on a regular basis and so most people will not use the proper precautions when they are using this type of equipment.  Chainsaws should never be used unless the chain is sharp and you are wearing protective eye wear to prevent wood clips from being embedded in your eyes. 
Before you operate your lawn mower you should ensure that you are wearing tight fitted clothing and you should examine your yard before beginning to work. Before starting the lawn mower you should ensure that all of the safety measures that your mower comes with are engaged.   By examining your yard you will be able to locate item that could get lodged inside the mower and damage the blade.  No matter the situation you should never attempt to dislodge anything from your mower blades while the lawn mower is still running.

Ladder falls result in almost two hundred thousand injuries every year and the majority of these accidents could have been prevented by using common sense and safety precautions. Before climbing your ladder you should ensure that it has been placed solidly and that the ground you are working above is level and danger free.     You should never have the ladder in a position that doesn’t give proper support; this can be caused by the ladder having too extreme of an angle or being placed to flat against the surface you are attempting to climb.  When you are climbing a ladder you should use both hands to reach the top and should attempt to keep the majority of your weight in the center of the ladder by avoiding reaching out to the sides.  When you are working on a ladder you should never climb above the second rung from the top as being that close to the top of the ladder has the potential to make the ladder fall and could result in serious injury.

When you are attempting any type of home renovation project it is important that you wear proper safety equipment to avoid risking serious injury.