How To Make Your Home Allergy Free

People are allergic to things that accumulate and come into home not the things that make up the home. The things that can cause allergies are dust, fungi, molds, and pet dander. Here is a room-by-room cleaning approach that you can take in order to rid each room of things that can cause allergies to you and your family. With these steps you can not only identify the problem but control them as well.

The Bedroom

* Get rid of the dust. You should clean behind both the dressers and bed, under the bed, and on top of a ceiling fan if you have one. Use a damp cloth when doing this so the dust does not spread throughout the room and the rest of your house.

* Keep pets out of your bedroom.

* Strip your bed and wash everything, your comforter as well, in water that is 130 degrees. Take a damp rag and wipe down the mattress.

The Closet

* If you have clothes or shoes that you do not use often you can keep them in plastic bags off the floor.

Check the corners and walls in the closet for mold. If you have a leak in your closet you may not even know it because it is dark or crowded or both. If you do find mold get rid of it right away.

* Instead of using mothballs in your closet you should use cedar chips. You can also store wool in either airtight containers or sealed plastic.

* In order to kill larvae and moths you can put your wool garments in a freezer for several days.

The Bathroom

* When you take a bath or a shower you should run the exhaust fan or leave either the window or door open.

* Using hot water you should wash your shower curtain once a month. You can also use a shower curtain liner that is replaceable.

* Check both behind and under your toilet to see if there is any mold growing. You should also periodically check your toilets to make sure they are not leaking, which can lead to mold forming.

* If you use a bath mat you should wash it in hot water, at least, once a week. A damp bath mat can attract dust mites and cause mold to grow. The longer that you go without washing your bath mat the more of a possibility that it will cause allergies.

The Living Room

* If you have an over-stuffed couch it may be a good idea to replace it with one that is made of leather or vinyl. These types of couches do not attract as much dist mites and other types of allergens.

* Check the houseplants you have and place pebbles on top of the soil, which will prevent mold spores from getting into the air.

* If you have big problems with allergies you may want to think about replacing your carpet. If you have flooring that has solid surface, such as wood, linoleum, or vinyl, they will attract less allergens. Much like switching flooring you also may want to consider switching fabric curtains with simple shades.

The Entrance

* You should use a doormat that is made up of synthetic material. A doormat that is made of things such as fibers or rope break down easily and can become inundated with mold, fungus, and mites. These things can all be tracked inside the home, so no matter what type of mat you have you should wash them or beat them every week.

* Dead bugs, especially ones that are dried out, can be major sources of allergens. Periodically clean the dead insects from out of your porch lights