How to Make Your Bathroom Accident Proof

Most of the household accidents occur in the bathroom. You should take precautions and by upgrading your bathroom with a few things and make it much safer for everyone that uses it. Making your bathroom safe is easy to do and it may prevent a major accident from happening in it.

Here are a few steps you can take to make your bathroom accident proof.

* You can prevent slipping and falling in your bathroom with rugs that have rubber backing. You can also prevent these occurrences by using bathmats with adhesive decals. You should also attach grab handles to your bathroom walls, which can make it easier to get into and out of your bathtub. In case an accident were to occur in your bathroom you should always use glass that is shatterproof for your shower doors.

* The bathroom is an area that can have a lot of moisture and because of this you should avoid electrical hazards. Electronic appliances should be used with care in the bathroom. Never operate electrical appliances in the bathroom if your hands are wet and make sure you unplug the appliances right when you are finished using them. It is also a good idea avoid using radios and stereos while you are in the bathroom. These can be dangerous since they are electrical appliances but the moisture in your bathroom can also damage these items.

* If you do not already have them in your bathroom you should install grounded outlets. If you have children in your house make sure to have plastic safety plugs in the outlets when they are not in use.

* Many bathrooms are locked from the inside but you should have a way to get inside if an accident were to happen.

* Keep medication out of children’s reach. Do not leave medication for adults in a bathroom that is accessible to children.

* Do not keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom. Small children can get into cleaning supplies, which can be dangerous. Keep the cleaning supplies in other areas of the home, such as your garage or the kitchen.

* Avoid people getting scalded in the shower by installing a mixing valve that has a both a temperature and pressure regulator. This type of valve will keep scalding hot water from getting on you when a toilet is flushed in your home or there is water being used somewhere else in your house.

* If the mirrors in your bathroom have sharp edges you should look into covering them with rubber strips.

TIP: When there are children that will be using the bathroom, whether they are yours or not, you have to be even more careful since bathrooms can be very dangerous for children. Take the necessary precautions to accident proof your bathroom so you can lessen the chance of something bad happening.