How to Install Gutters to the Roof of Your House

Gutters on your home are important as they help keep water out of your basement. The gutter can catch water that comes off your roof and run it away from the foundation of your home. If you install seasonal gutters it is a much easier job than installing decorative gutters.

Here is a step-by-step way to install gutters to your roof

* Take a walk around your home and find out how you want the gutters to channel the water. You want the water to be channeled far enough away from your home so that the water does not damage the foundation.

Typically gutters come in 10-foot sections so you need to measure along the edges of your roof to see how many feet of gutter you will need. When you measure it is a good idea to add 10% for extra gutter material.

Add the measurements you made with the layout of the gutter in order to come up other components of the gutter you will need. Some of the other components are elbows, end pieces, and droplets. Mounting brackets are also needed for every 24 to 30 inches of the gutter.

* When you are ready to install the gutters you should start at the end of your roof that is away from the location of the downspout. Then measure down ? inch from the edge of the roof. Mark this location. Now go to the downspout end and measure again ? inch form the edge of the roof. You can use a string level to ensure the marks are level each other. If the string is not level adjust it so that it is level.

* Make a calculation of the slope to ensure the water flows into the downspout. Generally gutters should have the slope downward of 1/16 of an inch for every foot of run of gutter. It can also be 5/8 of an inch for every 10 feet of gutter run. From the first mark at the end where the downspout is measure this distance down.

* From the lower mark at the downspout end and the mark at the far end snap a chalk line. This line will be the line of reference where you will install the gutters.

Before putting up the gutters put together the components of the drop outlets. Do this from the downspout end. Also put together the corners and mounting brackets. When putting together these components you should be using rust resistant screws and a power drill. This will make the job much easier.

* Now you can install the individual sections of the gutter by using the mounting brackets. Join the gutter sections together with the connectors.

* If you measured correctly they all should fit together. If some of the gutter sections are too long you can use a hacksaw to saw some pieces of gutter off. If the sections are too short use some gutter connectors and an extra gutter piece to fill out the space.

In the area between the sections of the gutter run some silicone caulk so that water does not leak. Wait until the calk is dry and then test it out by pouring some water down the space. If water is still coming down put some more caulk.

Now install an elbow at the bottom of the drop outlet. Measure, cut and then install the downspout, connecting it to the base of the drop outlet.

* The final step is to use the mounting brackets to attach the downspout to the side of the house. Make sure they are attached firmly, as with the water coming down it can apply a good amount of water pressure and if they are not firmly attached and come lose the water will not go where you want it to.

When you install gutters you will be using a ladder. It is a good idea to have someone help you so they can hold the ladder. If you are doing the job yourself make sure you are not going to high on the ladder making it unstable.

Author: Jason Green