Review of The First Alert Radon Detector Kit

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that can cause serious illness and death. The main sources of this extremely toxic gas in the home comes from the land and rock beneath your home. It also comes from well water and some building materials can contain radon.

Radon is estimated to contribute to up to 30,000 deaths each year from lung cancer. This invisible killer doesn’t produce any immediate symptoms, so there’s no warning of the damages it’s caused.

Testing your home for radon is a simple and fairly inexpensive process. Radon testing kits can be purchased at many hardware stores and they are usually less than $20.

The First Alert Radon Test Kit is a very good choice. First Alert has been a long time trusted manufacturer of fire alarms, so they have years of experience in keeping your family safe.

The test kit is very effective in detecting any radon in the building and is completely safe to use. And, the First Alert Radon Test Kit is listed in the proficiency program with the EPA.

Your kit will include everything you need to properly test your home for radon. The process will only take 2 - 3 days and you’ll know how safe the air your breathing in your house is.

For the most accurate results, the detector will come sealed inside a plastic package to prevent contamination. All you’ll need to do is to open the detector and place it in the area that you want to check for radon.

Follow the direction included with your radon testing kit to see how long you’ll need to leave it sitting undisturbed. It’s best if you can set the detector in the middle of the room or area that you wish to test.

Leave the detector undisturbed for 24-48 hours to complete the test. Follow the directions in the manual for the correct amount of time that the detector will need to get an accurate reading.

Once the time has elapsed all you’ll need to do is place the detector inside the mailing envelope supplied in the kit and place it in the mail box. The lab fees are included in the price of the kit and once they receive your detector you will get the results within 72 hours.

While many manufacturers of radon kits try to add on extra charges for lab fees and other items, First Alert is a one time cost. The purchase price includes everything you need, the results and you’ll even get the recommended actions to be taken if they test is positive!

Most homes don’t have any problems with radon gas, but testing your home is the only way to find out if there’s radon present in your home. One First Alert Radon kit will test 1000 square feet of open space, if you wish to test several areas of your home, you will need to purchase more than one.

The presence of radon in your home doesn’t mean that you need to move. There are ways of lowering and even eliminating the toxic gas from your house. The cost and method will depend on how the house was built and how serious the radon levels are.

One of the proven ways to reduce the radon levels, is with a vent and fan system. Vents are connected underneath the home and the fan pulls out air from under the floors. This keeps the radon in the dirt from seeping up into the home.

This system works without making any major changes to the building. The only needed repairs will be to seal any leaks and cracks that are under the floor and in the foundation.