Black & Decker CS1030L 7 1/4 Inch Laser Circular Saw

Black and Decker has been a household name for many years. Their dependable products have been a staple for both the professionals and the weekend home repair novice.

The Black & Decker CS1030L circular saw has a 13 amp motor that can provide you with all the power you need for any job around the home. The 5,000 rpm’s will quickly cut through any kind of wood that you’re working with and perform crosscuts with ease.

This inexpensive circular saw comes with a priceless feature, a built in laser sight line! If you’ve ever tried to find and follow a thin pencil line that you’ve marked your measurements with, you will greatly appreciate this added feature.

Cutting in the wrong place or making a crooked cut can cost you lots of money if your boards are ruined. It can also be pretty aggravating when you’re trying to repair a uneven cut, or make it fit instead of being out money replacing the board.

A thin line is really hard to see and almost impossible to see when you’ve got saw dust flying every where. The laser will give you a perfectly straight, bright line that is easy to see and follow and will make achieving straight cuts a snap!

This circular saw has a 90 degree capacity and will make fast, smooth cuts through wood or other materials up to 2 3/8 inches thick. And, with angled cuts at 45 degrees, the CS1030L will slice right through materials that are as much as 1 13/16 inches thick.

You’ll achieve perfect angled cuts with the bevel scale adjustment that goes from 0 up to 45. It also has a depth adjustment that is calibrated and quickly fine tunes the saw and locks securely into place.

Another great feature with the Black & Decker CS1030L are the soft comfortable hand grips. Both the front and rear handles are covered with soft grips that are ergonomically designed for the greatest of comfort.

The extra comfortable grips give you more control in stabilizing the saw and making those tricky vertical cuts. They will also help prevent the stress and strain on your hands that normally come with those long periods of cutting.

The CS1030L circular saw is a good sized saw for anyone to use with ease weighing in a just around eight pounds and measures at just around 15X11X8. It’s a lighter weight saw with the capabilities of a heavier saw that can tire you out much quicker.

The light weight makes this a really good circular saw for the many ladies that have began to do their own home repairs. Unlike heavier saws that are harder for women to control, this one shouldn’t be any problem.

The Black & Decker CS1030L comes with an 7 1/4″ 18T carbide “Piranha” blade and blade wrench for easy changing. But, you can purchase many different types of blades that are specifically made for cutting various materials.

One downside to this circular saw is the power cord. It’s just equipped with a six foot cord that makes using an extension cord a necessity for most jobs.

However, priced at around $55 the Black and Decker CS1030L is still a really good deal for most users. The 13amp motor and the laser sight line will prove invaluable and it also comes with a two year warranty.