Protecting Your Wood Furniture

There are assortments of furniture cleaner products on the market that can remove  wax buildup on wood furniture. If you have been applying a beeswax application to your wood furniture, than you should only have to wax the furniture once or twice a year. There are some ways you can keep your wood furniture looking great by removing the wax buildup periodically.

If the have been using beeswax products and you find ripples on your wood furniture that you are applying too much of the product. Various oils and polish should never be used over the wax coat of wood furniture. The nice thing about using beeswax is when you want to restore the original shine all you have to do is buff the furniture to restore it. You should stay away from furniture waxes that contain solvents because they can kill the lacquer finish on the wood furniture.

If it is the case that you use spray furniture polish you should know that they probably contain silicone. The silicone will build up eventually and dull and soften the finish over the wood furniture over time. They also can make it so fingerprints show on the finish.

It is a very costly thing to have a wood tabletop refinished. Therefore it is important that you maintain the finish on your wood. Keeping a good wax finish on the wood is vital to the protection of the wood. You should be purchasing a quality cabinetmakers type of wax that is designed for furniture made out of wood. You can find products like these in many woodworking stores as well as over the Internet. Some of the best brands of these types of wax are Liberon’s Butcher’s Wax, Antiquewax, and Goddard’s.

The best way to apply the wax in order to avoid streaking and blurring is to use wood finisher’s 0000 steel wool, which is free of oil. When you use cloth to apply the wax it can take too much effort. You should apply the wax in a circular motion and then finish the wax off by rubbing along the grain of the wood. On new wood furniture three to four light wax coats applied 8 hours apart is recommended in order to give the wood a good protective coating. For buffing you should use either an old t-shirt or terry towel.

It is recommended that you dust the wood furniture every week by using an all cotton cloth that is dry. Do not use polishes or oils over the coat of protective wax. Make sure you quickly wipe up spills in order to prevent spotting on the wood. Also make sure to use coasters for glasses and vases, as well as pads for hot dishes. When the time has come where you cannot buff the coating of the wood to a shine any longer you should reapply a coat of wax.

If you are not sure what to use or how to treat your wood furniture make sure to consult a professional. Repairing damaged wood on furniture can get expensive so make sure you take care of it.

Author: Jason Green