How to Care for Your Mattress

Making sure that you get the most out of your bed is very important so you can sleep well for several years. You should take care of your mattress so it will extend the life of it. There are some easy things that you can do to care for your mattress.

Here are some things to do to make sure that your mattress will last.

* Purchase a bedding pad. A good bedding pad will do a few things that will prolong the life of the mattress you own. A solid mattress pad will take on most of your weight, which will help in reducing the stress put on the mattress. These pads will also catch various stains before they get to your mattress. It is much easier and cost effective to replace a stained mattress pad than it is replacing an entire mattress.

* Turn your mattress on a regular basis. In order to keep your mattress from having sagging springs you should turn your mattress regularly. When you do turn your mattress flip it both horizontally and vertically.

Give your mattress some support. If your mattress has old foundations or box spring sets they may not give you the support you need. When you replace your bedding you may also want to look into replacing the foundation as well.

* When you carry your bed carry it on its side, rather that using the handles on the mattress when you are carrying it, you should carry the bed on its side and upright. The handles on the bed should be used for positioning the mattress on the bed’s foundation. If you use the handles to carry the mattress it can create sags.

* Do not smoke, eat, or drink on your mattress or beds. Even though this is a comfortable thing to do while lying in bed you should not eat or drink in bed. If you do spill on your bed make sure to dry it quickly, as you can do this by using a hair dryer. Also if you keep smoke away from your bed it can make it last longer and it will not smell of smoke.

* Do not jump on your mattress. Jumping on your bed may be fun but it is definitely not good for it and can cause it to sag quickly. Mattresses are not designed to be able to hold the weight of a person jumping on it.