Tools and Supplies for Installing a Bathtub

When you have chosen the right bathtub and faucet that you want in your bathroom now it is time to get the right tools for the job. There are some tools you will need in order to complete the job. Many times something unexpected will come up when doing a project. But if you have all the tools you will be ready.

You can save yourself a lot of time running back and forth to the home improvement or hardware store if you have everything on the following list:

Overflow and Drain Kit – This kit is what will control the drain in your tub. There are a couple of styles which are the most popular. One will function with a lever that will be on the face of your tub and this lever will operate a stopper inside of the drain. When it is activated the tub will be able to hold water. The other style either has a hand or foot operated stopper on the floor of the tub. There are some of these that will have a twist close while others have a spring mechanism inside. No matter which style you choose you have to be sure that the finish will match that of the finish of the faucet handle and set. You also need to ensure that the diameters of the pipes that will come with the overflow and drain kit will be the same exact size as the drain pipe on the floor. If there is an odd size or cast iron drain pipe, which is common in older homes, you can get an adapter.

Teflon Tape – Teflon tape is used on the male threads when you are attaching the new tub spout or showerhead onto the pipe that is already there. If you buy one roll it will be plenty for the job.

A Wrench – You should have a wrench that is heavy, such as a pipe wrench. You can also use a heavy pair of channel lock pliers. Both of these tools will help you install the valve of the new faucet or filler system.

Caulk – Caulk will be needs as you will use it to seal around the edges of the tub. When purchasing caulk try to find a variety that will say “Tub & Tile Sealant.”

* Shim Material – You want to make your tub so the opposite end of the drain does not puddle and will drain in the proper way. Therefore you have to be sure that the tub is not out of level. Shims can be used as they will slide under edges of the tub and shower to raise it as you begin to level.

* Level – You will have to have a level to make sure the tub is level.

* Allen Wrenches – You will need to have Allen wrenches to remove the handles of the faucet, and put them back on as well.

* Pry bar – You can use a pry bar in order to break free the old tub from the floor and then lift the new tub when placing shims under it to make the tub level.

* Plumbers Putty – You can put plumbers putty around the opening of the drain when you place the drain piece inside the tub.

* Wax Ring – Most of the time when installing a new tub you have to remove the toilet beforehand. You should purchase a new wax ring to use when you put the toilet back after installing the tub.

Author: Jason Green