The Ins And Outs Of Installing A Sink

When you look at the entire project of installing a sink it may seem like a lot of work but in reality once you have broken the job down into steps it is much easier to approach and accomplish. You should expect to spend approximately thirty minutes to one and a half hours to complete this project. When you are working with plumbing it is crucial that you ensure the water supply to the area you are working on has been turned off before you begin to work.

Removing The Old Sink

The first step in this project is to remove the old sink without doing any damage to the counter or the pipes beneath. Once you have ensured that the water is turned off you need to disconnect the drain pipe and the water supply line using a wrench. You will need to use a knife or a ruler to slip underneath the lip of the sink to remove any plumbers putty or caulking that was used to secure the sink before you are able to lift the sink free of the counter.

Before you begin the next step of installing the new sink it is important to make sure that we are working with a clean surface. You can make sure that the area you are working on is completely clean by using soap and water to remove any residue from the plumber’s putty.

Installing The New Sink

Now that you have completely cleaned the surface area it is time to install your new sink. You should begin by applying a new layer of caulking or plumber’s putty to the base where the sink and the faucets will be attached. Next you will want to connect flexible lines to the faucet. The easiest way to install these lines is by using pressure couplings. Now it is time to carefully set the sink into place on the counter. When you place the sink down you should press down gently to ensure that you have a good seal with the caulking. If you notice that any excess caulking seeps out from under the edges you should use a cloth to quickly clean up the mess.

Now that you have the sink firmly in place it is time to install the sink drain. You can attach the sink drain by using caulking on the bottom of the drain and then firmly pressing it down into the drain opening at the bottom of your new sink. You should wait approximately twenty four hours for the caulking to harden before you turn the water back on for the sink. Once the caulking has dried you should reactivate the water supply and turn on the tap, this will help you locate any leaks that need a quick repair.