Sealing the Leaks

Having a leak in the water system of your home can be disastrous to say the least. The damage from the leaking water can ruin floor coverings and even rot the floor all the way through the wood. This is why it is so important that you fix leaks as soon or soon after they happen. How hard it is to fix the leak depends on many factors, like where the leak is located and how big of a leak you have. The main issue is that most of the leaks that will occur in the home are easily taken care of by the do it yourself person and there is no need to retain the services of a plumber. All you really need is the right materials for the job.

The first order of business is to know what kind of pipe you have. Most likely it will be plastic but there is the chance that the house is using copper if the home is older or very high in the cost department. Once you have determined this then it is time for a trip to the home improvement store, even if you do not have a leak already. The best course of action is too have supplies on hand in case something happens when the stores are not open. You never know when something like this will occur so it is best to be safe then sorry later on down the road.

For those that are running copper pipes you should lay in a supply of solder, flux and plenty of copper pipe and extra fittings. One roll of solder and one container of flux will last a good while so that should be sufficient. The amount of pipe and fittings all depends on the number of problems that you have or think you could have. For the best results keep nothing less then eight foot of pipe and two of each kind of fitting on hand to take care of those emergencies.

Plastic pipe is about the same. Take the time to get a good supply of glue, pipe cleaner, pipe and fittings. You should keep several cans of glue on hand. The major problem with plumbing glue is the fact that if it is not sealed properly once used it will no longer be good so a couple or more cans is a good idea. Like with the copper pipe you should make sure to keep eight feet or more on hand along with at least two of each fitting. This will not be too costly as plastic components are inexpensive for the most part.

There are something’s that you can keep on hand for a quick fix. Plumbers underwater putty is always a good idea. This substance, which is used to temporarily seal leaks underwater will save a lot of trouble if you are in a spot where the leak cannot be fixed properly right away. Understand though that this is nothing more then a bandage to an open wound and is not meant as a permanent fix.

WARNING: Make sure to read and follow all instructions on packaging for fluids, chemicals, and parts that you are using to make repairs to your plumbing to prevent injuries and illnesses.  Also, make sure that you wear the proper protective clothing, such as gloves and goggles, to prevent injuries.