Installing a Duel Flush Toilet

If you are worried about the water your toilet is wasting a duel flush toilet may be a good idea. 80% of all flushes are to remove liquid waste. By using a duel flush toilet you determine the water amount your toilet will use each time that it flushes.

With a duel flush toilet you select which flushing option to take when you use the toilet. Basically a duel flush toilet will use either 1.6 gallons of water or .8 gallons every flush. It is not difficult to see how much water a duel flush toilet can save, especially when thinking in terms over the entire year. This is because it drastically cuts the amount of water you will use in 80% of the flushes. Basically if your home has one or several duel flush toilets you are helping the environment by saving water and you will be saving money on your water bill.

Here are some tips you should know when installing a duel flush toilet.

You should be aware is basically the same as picking out a general toilet. There are duel flush toilets that are available in various styles and colors. There are also various price rangers for duel flush toilets. Duel flush toilets look exactly the same as other toilets except for the mechanism that is, many times, two separate buttons you will use in order to select the volume of water used when you flush the toilet.

You should know that there has been concern about low flush toilets and their ability to work. This concern has been addressed by the plumbing fixture industry. Duel flush toilets work better or the same than some of the older design of toilets.

Here are some steps to take when installing a duel flush toilet.

* By installing a duel flush toilet it requires a new toilet bowl as well as a tank. The newer type toilet bowls that are especially designed to work with water volumes that are lower are needed in order for the toilet to work correctly.

* Low flush toilets and duel flush toilets are a little different in size that regular toilet models. This should be considered when you replace your toilet if the wall that is behind the toilet is not completed.

You will use the existing plumbing for the new duel flush toilet. The new duel flush toilets are readily available to work with a 1 inch rough-in and 10 and 14 inch rough-ins. In excess of 90% of toilet instillations will have a 12-inch rough in.

* Installing a duel flush toilet is only a matter of turning off the water to the toilet you already have in your bathroom. You undo the plumbing bolts that hold the toilet to the floor and then set in the new duel flush toilet. The entire job of installing a duel flush toilet is not very difficult and should take more than a few hours.

Author: Jason Green