Installing A Bathtub

Installing a bathtub can seem like an overwhelming task but by breaking down the installation procedure you can easily complete this task without any professional assistance. The basic procedure for installing your own bathtub is tying in your present draining and supply systems. You will also need to ensure that you avoid all of the most common mistakes listed below when you are attempting to install your own bathtub.

Common Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes that you can make when you are attempting to install your own bathtub. These mistakes can be costly and you should ensure that you avoid these mistakes at all costs. The most common types of bathtub installing mistakes include ignoring building code restrictions, not using proper tape, using pipes that are too small for the project, and forgetting to turn off the water when you are disconnecting the pipes to the old bathtub.

Installing The Bathtub

The first step to installing your bathtub is to insert all of the needed piping using the required tapes and connections. Once you have installed all of the proper piping you will need to gently lower the bathtub into place. You should use nails and screws to ensure that the bathtub is securely anchored to the supports. Next you will need to assemble all of the drain connections you can do this by connecting the bathtub overflow into the tub drain. When you are attempting this connection you need to ensure that the drain is located above the trap.

The next step that you need to take is to connect the hot and cold water lines to the bathtub and to the bathtub spout. When you are connecting the bathtub spout you need to ensure that you use a brass nipple, and a cap for the end of the spout. Now that you have the rough pluming attached it is time to turn the water back on to ensure that all of the drains and pipes are working properly and that they aren’t leaking. Once you have confirmed that there are no leaks you should replace the drywall surrounding the bathtub using a water resistant drywall or tiles and use caulking to seals all of the joints around your bathtub.