How to Install Outdoor Plumbing for Cooking

If you have a kitchen outdoors, sink and drain, it can make it very convenient for people that like to cook outdoors. If you have access to drainage and water without having to travel back and forth to your kitchen it will make it easier when you cook. It can also give you more time to be social outside without having to keep going to the kitchen.

The things you will need to install outdoor plumbing you will need:

* A wrench
* Silicon
* Teflon paste
* PVC glue
* PVC cleaner

Here are some steps you can take to install outdoor plumbing.

* You first need to buy a stainless steel cabinet and sink. It is a good idea to use stainless steel even if you live in a place that is arid. This is because the morning moisture can damage wood and metal over time.

Connect the fittings of the sink before you set it in place. It can be easier for you to attach the sink’s pieces and hook them up to the water lines if the large counter-top is not in the way. Apply some Teflon paste to both the hot and cold threads of the water fittings. Use PVC cleaner to clean the inside of the fittings. After a few minutes have passed put some of the PVC glue on the inside of the fittings.

Find the stub of the waterline. To the outside of the stub clean it and then apply some glue and push the fittings in place. You need to make sure that both the hot and cold fittings attach to the correct lines.

* Now it is time to install the drain. Place some of the plumber’s putty around the perimeter of the drain so that it completely covers the whole ring. Connect the drain to the sink. You can do this by threading the gaskets in place and then tightly securing it.

Put some of the silicone around the perimeter of the sink so it will stay in place and keep water from seeping through the cracks. Now position and install the sink to the counter-top.

* Turn on the waterlines so hot and cold water will be able to flow through the sink. Make sure the connections are secure so the fittings, as well as the drain, do not leak.


* You should cover the sink so that it does not get damaged. If you do not cover it the pipes can become stopped or cause odors by small animals getting stuck in them.

* Make sure that you regularly check the connection. This is especially the case after you use the sink for the first month to make sure there are no leaks.

* If you are having trouble installing outdoor plumbing consult a professional, as having outdoor plumbing can make cooking outdoors much easier and more enjoyable.