How to Install a Water Filter Under Your Sink

It is not difficult to install a water filter under a sink in order to clean the water before it leaves the faucet. A water filter under your sink can find and remove many harmful chemicals that are in tap water. This makes water filters under a sink better for purifying water than filters on your countertop.

Here are some steps you can take to install a water filtration system under your sink.

* Find the position that you want to put the new filter faucet. It may be easier for you to use a hole that already exists for the sprayer or you can drill your own hole. You have to give yourself enough room so the spout extends over your sink.

* Install the water filter following the directions that will come with it.

* Mount the filter under the sink by following the instructions that come with the filter. Be sure that you mount the filter close so the tubes from the faucet that will then connect to the filter without having pressure from the side.

* From the water supply valve under the sink turn off the cold water. Now attach the “T” valveā€™s fitting to the line for cold water.

* At a hardware store buy a “T” adapter. If the cold water line you have does not allow for a “T” fitting you can buy a saddle valve. You have to look on the instructions that came with the filter to see which one will work better with that specific type of filter.

* Check the filter and sink for leaks when you turn the water back on. If there are leaks present turn the water off again and check all the connections.

* Let the water run out of the faucet until the time when the water is no longer cloudy or does not have any air bubbles.

* Test your new filter out by drinking a glass of water. If there is any funny taste, check the connections again.


* If you have a granite or porcelain sink you should not drill any holes in the sink. If you have one of these types of sink you should hire a professional to do the drilling.

* Always follow the directions that will come with the filter that you decide to buy.

* If you decide to drill a new hole make sure it is in the right area and that you do it carefully so you do not damage the sink. It can be better to use smaller drill bits and make smaller holes rather than using big drill bits making bigger holes, because if the hole is too big the filter may not fit correctly.