How to Install a Shower Enclosure

Installing a new shower or bathtub enclosure can give an attractive new look to your bathroom. A shower enclosure can update the look of your home and is a home improvement project that can also increase the resale value of your home.

When you install a shower enclosure you may be able to do it yourself. You need to see if you have the expertise in order to do it yourself but by doing the job yourself you can save a lot of money. It is important to consider what you will need in order to install a shower enclosure.

Here is a step by step process to install a shower enclosure.

The first thing you need to do is find out what type of shower enclosure you want. There are various different types of shower enclosures so you need to determine the lifestyle of both you and your family when choosing one.

* After you have chosen the enclosure you want you have to make sure that the shower is waterproofed. Showers nowadays have trays that have a “tile trip” lip that is on the wall edge of the shower tray. The lip is important as it will prevent water that comes from the shower to leak between both the tiles and shower.  This leaking can cause mold, odors, and various other problems; therefore it is important that the area is waterproofed. You should try to find if there is a tiling upstand tray when you install a shower enclosure.

When you install the new shower enclosure you can mark out and then trim away the plastic lip that is on the tiling trim. This is done so a space will be made for the wall jamb before it will be mounted onto the wall. Make sure that you apply enough silicone to the cut out portion so that it can be waterproofed in the right way.

* Now you should mark off a 10 millimeter space inside the edge of the tile tray. By doing this it will allow space for the added silicone. Then the silicone can be added as a waterproof sealant before you put the doors in place.

* Make sure use a level to ensure that the wall of the installed closure is level. When using the level you can mark out three drilled holes. These drilled hole marks will mark the spots exactly where the profile will be mounted, as the profile will give support to the doors of the shower.

* Now you need to make sure that the shower door is lined up with the shower tray. To do this you can slide the fixed shower door onto the fixed wall profile in the area where the profile is going to be mounted. Now for the other side repeat this step.

Now that the door is lined up properly you need to join the doors and apply any finishing details. Be sure that you hold the doors between the wall profiles. Now you can join the top and bottom corner blocks. When the blocks are lined up then you can line up the shower doors and screw them together. Now you can add the “vanity covers” to the top off the wall jambs as well as inside the shower enclosure.

The last thing to do will be applying the silicone sealant. You can use a silicone gun for this step, and seal the shower doors. You need to make sure that you completely seal around the outer edge of the shower door. When applying the silicone let it dry for 24 hours before you use the shower.

Author: Jason Green