Hooking Up Garbage Disposal Units

The garbage disposer is one of the most successful appliances of this century and while this device can save you a lot of time and hassle it can be very tricky installing this appliance. You will need to ensure that the garbage disposal unit is being hooked up to a one hundred and twenty volt plug in order for the device to work properly. You should also turn off the power to the outlet you are working on before you start this task. The tools you will need to properly install a garbage disposal unit include a bucket, putty, screwdriver, hammer, electrical tape, a pipe wrench, and wire strippers.

The first step in installing a garbage disposal unit is to get underneath the sink and remove the trap using a pipe wrench to remove the slip nuts. Once you have removed the trap there will be a significant amount of water that will need to be collected using the bucket. Now that you have the trap removed you will need to remove the nut that holds the strainer in place. Once you have removed the strainer you will need to scrap away any of the excess plumbers putty that was left behind when the sink was installed.

Now that you have the sink ready it is time to open up the garbage disposer and put it in place. Using a decent amount of plumbers putty you need to form a solid ring around the drain and then gently set the sink flange into place. Next you will need to use the gasket and mounting ring underneath the sink and slip them up inside of the flange until they are firmly seated. Now that everything is in place you need to securely tighten the mounting bolts to lock everything together.

The next step now that the plumbing is completed it is time to wire the garbage disposal unit into the wall. Slide the cord that came with the garbage disposal unit through the hold in the side of the disposer until it makes a connection with the metal connection and then tighten the bolts to ensure that the wire is firmly seated. Now you will need to connect the wire by color, once you have connected the wires you need to use the electrical tape on the wire nuts and then close the chamber that houses the wires.

The last step is connecting your altered plumbing to the disposal unit. You can complete this step by using pvc plumbing pipe to ensure that everything connects properly. To lock the pipes into place you will need to sure a lock nut that is securely tightened to make sure that you won’t have leaks down the road. Now that you have finished connecting the plumbing you should turn on the water and check for leaks before you reconnect the power to the garbage disposal unit.