Fixing Damaged Pipes

Water damage can be a scary thing and the sad thing about damaged pipes is that it usually takes awhile for the water to seep through into the room below and leave a noticeable stain.  So unless you realize that you accidently broke a pipe you are unlikely to discover it until at least some damage has been done. Pipes can suffer damage any number of ways but the most common issue with damaged pipes is accidental puncture. 

Tools Needed
The tools you will need to repair or replace a section of damaged pipe includes epoxy putty, a hack saw, a locking nut, a new section of pipe, and drywall patch.

If the pipe is not too badly damaged it may be possible to use epoxy putty to seal the puncture and stop the leak.  You will need to gain access to the pipe by removing the dry wall surrounding it if it is not already accessible.  Applying the putty to hole in a seal shape so that it will be secure enough to remain in place and then use a small brush to level out the putty near the entrance to the hole so that it is level.

Punctured Pipes
A punctured pipe can happen in many ways but the most common way that these pipes burst in through accidental nail puncture.  If you discover that you have punctured a pipe the first step you need to determine which pipe you have punctured and turn off the water to that location.  Now that the water has been turned off you will need to gain access to the pipe if it is covered by cutting a small hole into the wall so that you can fix the damage.

Using a hack saw you will need to cut out the section of the pipe that you have damaged so that you may insert a new section.   Once you have inserted the new section of pipe you will need to use a locking joint to hold the new section of pipe in place to ensure that it does not fall off once you have resealed the wall.  Once you have the new section where you want it tighten the locking nut using a pair of pliers.  Before resealing the wall you should turn the water back on and ensure that the pipe is fixed and that no more water is leaking out. 

Patching the Wall
Now that you have repaired the damaged section of pipe you will need to repair the damage done to the section of drywall you had to remove to gain access to the pipe.  You can do this using drywall tape and a drywall compound.  Simply place the tape in two inch strips until the entire hole has been covered and then smooth the drywall compound over the tape until it is smooth and level at all areas.  Once the drywall compound has hardened you can paint over the drywall to match the natural color of the room. 

When you are attempting any sort of pipe repair project ensure that you wear proper safety equipment and that you follow all instructions found on packaging.