Do It Yourself Drain Cleaning

There is nothing worse then removing a drain plug in the kitchen sink or the bath tub and having the water just sit there. It does not take long to note that you have a clogged drain and things need to get moving. For many people this is a bit daunting, as they tend to believe that drain clogs are a major issue. In most cases a drain clog can be taken care of with a few simple steps and very low cost. There are simply a few rules that you need to apply before attempting to get a drain moving again.

One thing is too determine what the cause of the clog is before taking any kind of action. In a kitchen sink there is the chance that it could be something like grease that was poured down the drain. This is not a good thing as hot grease quickly turns to solid and will clog up a drain in a hurry.

If the clog is grease then you will need to remove the pipes and clean them out by hand. If you look under the sink you will see a curved pipe, this is called the trap, where water is trapped to prevent gases from the drain from coming back up through the drain. There will be a place to unscrew this pipe and then remove it. The good thing about grease is that it does not go far before it hardens, so you should be able to see the clog right away. Simply clean out the pipe then install it again.

In the bathroom, particularly the bathtub, hair is the biggest issue when it comes to clogs. We all naturally shed hair, especially in the shower and the hairs will eventually collect and form a mass that clogs or slows the drain.

With this type of clog you have a couple of different options. One is the chemical method, where you pour the drain cleaning solution down the pipe and the acid eats away at the clog until it is freed. This can take a lot of time and several applications. There is also the chance that you could damage the pipes with this method and cause more problems.

A plunger works well in this case and will cost barely nothing. Simply run some water in the tub and then start plunging the drain. The more you more the clog by forcing water against it the more likely you are to remove it without any trouble.

The other method is using compressed air. They now sell special cans of compressed air that shoots into the drain and forces the clog to move. You only have a fifty/fifty chance of the clog moving with this method and it can be quite expensive if you need to do further treatments.

Applying a grate over the drain will help to prevent clogs from happening. This will catch the hairs and such before they reach the pipe which will help to prevent any further drain problems.

WARNING: Make sure that you read and follow all the instructions and safety precautions on the packaging for fluids, chemicals, glues, and other parts that you are using to repair the plumbing in your home to prevent illnesses and injuries. Also, make sure to wear the proper protective clothing, such as gloves or goggles, to prevent illnesses and injuries.