Taking Charge over Flying Pests

There are many different types of pests that fly inside or around our homes and continually irritate us with their behaviors.  By employing different techniques you can quickly and easily prevent these creatures from gaining access to you home and reduce their population on your property.  Some of the most common flying pests include Bats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and wasps.

Prevent Access
A precaution that is useable for all different kinds of pests is to prevent them from ever getting access to your property.  You can secure your home by repairing any access points in home like cracks in windows, holes, and damaged or missing screens. 

Wasps are pesky flying insects that often create nests in the ground near home or even inside the bricks of the home itself.  These creatures often penetrate the interior of a home and they are often aggressive using their stingers to attack anything in sight.  Having a wasp nest near your home can be very dangerous due to the swarming nature of the wasp.  Treatment of a wasp nests requires the purchase of wasp spray that comes in a can and has a range of over fifteen feet.  Wasp is docile and will not leave their nests in the evening so this is the time you will want to use the spray on the nests.

Fruit Flies
The alarming rate at which fruit flies breed can result in a fruit fly infestation appear to happen overnight.  The easiest way to reduce your chances of becoming infested with fruit flies is to destroy their food and breeding sources that are found inside your home.  The breeding ground most often chose by fruit flies is garbage so if you ensure you are taking out your trash regularly they won’t have anywhere to breed inside your home.  Keeping your kitchen clean after cooking and ensuring that you do your dishes promptly will remove any of the food sources that fruit flies often seek.  The easiest way to get rid of fruit flies once you have them is too use cheap disposal fly paper traps that you can hang above garbage cans and near fruit pantries to effectively reduce their numbers.

The bat plays a vital role in our environment by feeding on insects and keeping their population numbers in check.  Bats come out only at night and use high pitched sonar to locate their food throughout the evening.  Having a bat inside your home is a serious concern that must be address as these creatures can carry serious diseases and can pose a health risk.  The easiest way to get a bat out of your home is to open the windows to your home and close the door to the room the bat is currently invading.  This is usually enough to solve your problem but if the bat refuses to leave your home the easiest way to capture it is to use a large fishing net and then release the creature outdoors.

When you are attempting to remove any type of flying pest you should always wear any needed safety equipment and follow any instructions found of the packaging of items used.