Reducing Mosquitoes Infestations

With all of the media attention and increased risk of West Nile virus mosquito removal and prevention has become more important to many people.  The mosquito feed off of warm blooded mammals in order to collect protein that they can use to lay eggs.  To effectively fight mosquitoes it is important to note that they have four life cycles that must be addressed.  These lifecycles include egg, larva, pupa, and adult, with the average life span of a mosquito lasting anywhere from 4 days to two months.  The mosquito locates the general area of its victim through carbon dioxide that is exhaled from warm blooded mammals and hones in on them by tracking their body heat.

Mosquito Prevention
Preventing mosquitoes from becoming a large issue on your property and home is one of the easiest and cost effective methods for dealing with this problem. The easiest way to do this is to removal all of the natural breeding grounds for mosquitoes on your property.  These include standing puddles of water, tall grass, and piles of dead leaves.   

Indoor Mosquito Control
Keeping the mosquito population inside your home is much easier than reducing the mosquito population outside of your home.  If you are noticing an increase in the population of mosquitoes in your home the first thing you should do is repair any small holes or cracks that are present in your doors, windows, screens, and walls.  After you have completed that task if you are still noticing a large number of mosquitoes in your home you may want to invest in a natural pyrethrin dispenser.  This canister has similar technology to the time released air freshens with the expect that it dispenses a natural chemical with that has a pleasing scent added that will kill mosquitoes that are within a 8000 cubic foot range.

Outdoor Mosquito Control
There are any numbers of products available that will help eliminate the presence of mosquitoes on your property.  Some of the most popular products include foggers, citrus candles, and even carbon dioxide systems.  Carbon dioxide systems produce carbon dioxide and attract the mosquitoes into a cage like trap that will prevent them from escaping.  These types of systems are generally more preferred by people due to their effective nature and due to the fact they are less irritating than most of the foggers on the market.

Personal Prevention
With the increased risk of West Nile virus, a mosquito bite is no longer just an irritating itch, it can now have the potential of spreading a deadly disease.  Despite all of your best efforts you are still likely to see mosquitoes, after all just because your property and home is now a hostile environment for mosquitoes that doesn’t mean that your neighbors have similar systems in place.  Whenever you are outdoors you should wear a bug repellent that contains the ingredient deet to help prevent mosquitoes from feeding off of you. Mosquitoes are usually out in full force at dawn and dusk so if you can avoid being outdoors at these times you will be much less likely to be bitten by one of these pesky creatures. 

When you are attempt to eliminate your mosquito problem you should always follow any instructions that are present on the labels of repellents, and any devices that you employ.