Pest Control: Getting to the Larvae of the Matter

Eggs and larvae are where the majority of the problems come from with pest infestations. Insects has such a small lifespan that their presence in your home isn’t nearly as large of a concern as the fact that they could be laying literally hundreds of eggs each and every day. Also in most infestations it is also possible that the infestation was caused by eggs or larvae that you brought into your home. You should always carefully inspect all grain and fruit products before you bring them inside your home.

Finding the Infestation

The first place you should look for eggs and larvae is inside your cupboards. Even if you can’t see the offending pests you can usually identify a problem by finding larvae skins lying inside the cupboard or near open grain and fruit products. The larvae of most insects eat grains, nuts, and other types of dried foods that are commonly found inside cupboards. Places you may not think to check but that can often be a source of food for the larvae are inside pet food bags and on dried flowers.

Once you have discovered the food source for the larvae you should quickly depose of the product and start sealing all of your grain and fruit products inside air tight packaging to prevent insects from gaining access. Before placing the food back inside the cupboards you should use an insecticide on the doors, walls, and any other crevices on the interior of the pantry. After twenty four hours you should be safe to wash down the cupboard and replace the food.

Preventing Further Infestations

After the eggs have hatched the larvae are going to come out very hungry so you need to be prepared. In order to prevent a future infestation of insect larvae you should follow a few quick steps. You should ensure that your pantries are always kept tidy and that you avoid leaving crumbs or other small pieces of food lying exposed inside your cupboards. Another technique you can use is to ensure you shop only at a market where they have a fast turnaround time on the items they are selling. This will ensure that the product you are buying is not only as fresh as possible but it also will have a lesser risk of being infested with eggs or larvae.