Get Rid Of Ants

Ants are truly one of the wonders of the world and they have many key roles in the environment.  Ants help keep the insect population down, they work as a natural composter by breaking up organic materials, and they even do a very nice job aerating the soil.  That said having ants in your home or even excessive ants around your yard can cause problems for the home owner.  If a property has too many ants they can literally destroy gardens, create a mine field out of your yard, and some varieties of ants have a very painful bite.  The techniques listed below will eliminate ants from your home effectively with the exception of the carpenter ant variety.  If you discover that you have carpenter ants you should contact a professional as they can do a great deal of structural damage to a home in short order.
Ants build colonies and rely on their scouts to ensure the survival of the colony by finding a constant source of food and water.  When the scouts find food they leave a scent trail that the colony can follow to retrieve the resources.  For a home owner to ensure that ants will no longer bother them they need to follow three steps:  Removing the scent trail, prevent them access to your home, and destroy nearby colonies if needed. 

Removing the Scent Trail
If you see ant scouts invading your home you should eliminate them and clean the nearby area thoroughly.  By killing the ant scout and cleaning the area you will get rid of any possible trail for the colony to follow into the home looking for resources.  If a scent trail has already been created in your home you should follow the ants from the food source to where the trail exits your home.  Once you have established the route you should clean the trail using cleaner or vinegar to eliminate any leftover smell.

Prevent Access
Once you have established where the pesky ants are coming from and have destroyed the scent trail it’s time to ensure the ants stay away.  You can accomplish this by spreading any type of powder to create a barrier they won’t want to climb.  Some of the most common household products used include talcum powder, baking soda, or even a pile of salt of pepper.   Anything that is citrus like orange peels, lemons, or vinegar will also prevent the ants from entering your home.

Move Them Out
If your ant problems are still occurring once you have followed the previous two steps then it may be time to take the war to the colony.  If you destroy the ant hills that surround your home the ants may get the idea and move on to another location.  Destroying an anthill is easy work requiring only some boiling water and something to transport it to the mounds!  Don’t forget what was mentioned at the first of the article, ants are important for many reasons and this step should be used as a last resort.
When you are attempting any type of project proper safety equipment should be worn at all times and you should follow any instructions found on packaging carefully.