DIY Rodent Removal

Rodents are not only unwelcome house guests that devour food at an alarming rate but they are also a serious concern for both sanitation and disease.  It is important to deal with these types of situations seriously and quickly as rats are capable of carrying some potent diseases.  It is usually easy to determine if you are being plagued by rats or mice by looking for their droppings on the interior or exterior of your home.  It is almost impossible to determine how a house was infected as rodents are found almost everywhere including grocery stores and food processing plants.  The first step you must make in ridding yourself of these pesky rodents is to determine whether you have rats or mice.  

Determine The Type of Rodent
There are two ways to determine which type of rodent is infesting your home.  The first technique compares the body sizes of the two rodents.  A typical rat will grow to be about 8 – 11 inches tall with large eats, a sharp nose, and long tail while the house mouse has a much smaller body at about two to three inches in length and a short fuzzy tail.  If you have not seen your rodent intruder than you can determine what type of pest you have by the size of their droppings.  A rats dropping are much longer than those of a mouse and measure almost a third of an inch in length.  If you are unable to determine what type of rodent you have then you should use a variety of different trapping techniques to ensure that you rid yourself of your pests.

Rodent Traps
Rodent traps are the only sure way to make sure you are getting rid of all your rodent enemies. The three main types of physical rodent traps are live traps, glue trapping systems, and the old fashioned snap trap.  Another possible rodent trap is rodent poison which is highly effective but which must be used in tandem with a live trap so as to ensure you are able to find and dispose of the rodent after it has ingested the poison.  The use of a live trap is crucial with rodent poison because if you do not find the body of the rodent it will begin to decay and leave an awful odor in its wake for several weeks.  You should lay your traps in closets, near food sources, and anywhere else you believe there to be a high traffic of rodents.

Preventing Future Cases
There are so simple and easy things you can do around your home to lower your chances of being visited again by rodents.  You should remove all food stuff from your closet, like pet food, and store it in air tight containers, purchase garbage bins that have sealed lids, and seal up any small holes you find in doors or windows to hinder access into your home.  If you are a cat lover this would be an ideal time to invest in a new furry friend as cats will drastically help reduce the rodent population both in and around your home.

Remember when you are attempting any type of home project to carefully read all the labels on packaging and ensure that you wear protective clothing if needed.