Quick and Easy Designs to Change a Room

Have you noticed lately that one of the rooms in your home or apartment has a serious need for a pick me up but you can’t figure out how to make the room look its best? Well if you are willing to invest a bit of your time and effort you can give that dull looking room a boost in beauty for almost no money.

Throw Out The Trash

If your room is so jammed packed full of useless things that you haven’t used for months or that you have even forgot that you owned them to begin with, it may be time to cheap shop so to speak. A cluttered room hides a lot of its natural beauty and if you have too much clutter you could be stopping your room from working at its peak potential.

Your Furniture

Sprucing up your furniture can be as quick, inexpensive and as simple as throwing a slipcover over your couch. I know when most people think of the slip cover they are thinking of those drab things from the seventies that our parents used to use but nowadays slipcovers are very trendy and are being made for everything from your couch to normal chairs as well.

Work The Walls

Dull and boring walls can be a serious downer when you walk into a room and the simple fact is you don’t have to put in all the effort of painting to liven up your room. If you take fifteen or twenty minutes out of your day to hang patterns, pictures, or even painting from your walls you will notice a definite improvement in the décor.

Naked Floors

Although hardwood floors are the rage right now, keeping them completely bare will draw attention and divide the atmosphere in your newly decorated room. The easiest way to tie a room together that has that sleek hardwood look is by using an area rug to lock it all together. You should choose a rug that compliments the furniture and the wall decorations that you already have in the room.