How to Use a Paint Sprayer

By using a paint sprayer you can save a lot of time. A paint sprayer can be better to use for painting when you are painting areas that are uneven, rough areas, or areas where you do not need to be precise.

You can rent a paint sprayer from a paint store or sometimes from hardware stores. They are very expensive to buy so renting them is a good option. There are three types of sprayers and the paint job you are doing will determine what type of sprayer you will need. For larger projects there are airless and compressed air sprayers. The best kind is an airless sprayer. An electric pump sprayer is better to use for smaller painting projects. When you go to rent the sprayer talk to the hardware store worker or paint dealer and tell them what you are painting and they can help you out in what type of sprayer to use and what type of paint to use. You can also get information from these people on instructions of the sprayer, things you will need to know, and how to unclog the nozzle.

Here are some steps on how to properly use a paint sprayer.

* The paint will obviously spray so you need to protect the area that you are painting. The sprayed paint can drift so you should cover anything that you do not want paint on. If you are painting rooms it can be a good idea to seal off the doorway.

* Seal the area off if you are using the paint sprayer inside. If you are outside do not spray when it is windy. Outside you should cover nearby plants, walkways, cars, and even sides of structures that are close to the painting area.

You usually will put the paint into a bucket or bin and then the pump with run the paint through the hose and then out to the hand held nozzle.

* Do not pour the paint directly into the bin or bucket but strain the paint first. This will ensure that there are no lumps or other small things in the paint. If you do not do this lumps and particles can get on what you paint and may even clog the hose of the sprayer.

* You may also need to thin the paint. The manufacturer of the paint should tell you how to do this and how thin the paint needs to be when sprayed.

* Before you paint be fully covered from head to toe. Wear shirts with long sleeves and wear gloves. You should also wear a mask so you can look directly at the area you are painting. There are fully covering painting overalls, which can be bought at hardware stores and painting stores.

* When you are ready to paint begin at a corner and work from top to bottom keeping your strokes smooth and steady. There will be a lot of paint that will be going onto the surface you are painting quickly. When using a sprayer you can do a large surface quickly so you should paint a few thinner coats rather than one thick coat.

Be sure you not make columns when you spray. If you are making columns you are overlapping the paint too much.


* Make sure to turn off your appliances in the area where you are painting. Latex paint can damage and even ruin such appliances as air conditioners, heaters, and furnaces.


* When you use the sprayer the paint will come out of the nozzle very fast and you can hurt yourself if you hit your skin.

* Never, ever attempt to unclog the nozzle of the sprayer when it is running as it can become unclogged and take your skin off.

* If you are doing a big job or are in an enclosed area it also may be a good idea to use a respirator.

Author: Jason Green