How To Prepare Concrete For Painting

Painting concrete is very popular these days. You can paint the concrete surface one color, patterns, or even paint a mural. Painting concrete can give you a great looking finish that can last for many years. But before you begin to paint the concrete you have to make sure you prepare it correctly.

Here are some steps to take to properly prepare the concrete for painting.

* The first thing you have to do is clean the concrete surface for water issues. Try to get leaking or seeping problems fixed before you begin to paint. The paint will never dry if the cement is wet or even damp. If the concrete floor is soaking wet let it dry or at least 1-4 weeks before you start to paint. It may help to use a dehumidifier, fan, or blower to dry the concrete. If you rush the drying process will make it so there will be a lot of work later, so you have to be sure that the concrete surface is totally dried out.

* Thoroughly clean the surface of the concrete. Make sure you sweep and then vacuum the concrete surface and then inspect it for stains. If the surface has grease or oil you can use kitty litter to absorb the residue from grease or oil. Sprinkle some of the kitty litter over the surface, let it sit for at least an hour, and then sweep it up.

* If there is any oil and grease that remains use an oil or grease cleanser. You can find these specialty cleaners at many home improvement stores or department stores.

* When the surface is clean check it for any irregularities. If there are cracks then you will need to patch them and smooth it out. Make sure when patching that you let the patching material dry completely before you begin to paint. If there are any bumps or the surface is uneven sand the area down.

* Using either a wire brush or high sander (using 80 grit sandpaper) rough up the surface of the concrete. You can do this with a light sanding but you have to make sure to sand the entire concrete surface. Sweep it off completely.

* Prime the concrete surface with a primer made especially for stain blocking. In order to do a thorough job priming you may have to apply two coats. Let the primer completely dry before you begin to paint. When the primer is dry you are ready to paint the concrete surface.

Tip: You have to be sure that the interior concrete is completely dry. If there are any water issues you need to take care of the problem before you refinish the concrete floor.