How To Paint Smart

The single greatest thing you can do to improve the overall appearance and image of a room is to change the color of paint in the room. Painting a room can drastically change the look and feel of a room for a very inexpensive price and a moderate effort. There are several things you can do to increase the beauty of a room and at the same time decrease the effort and cost involved with painting a room. Listed below you will find several tips that will decrease your work load and make painting a much more enjoyable affair.

Use The Right Tools

When you are painting a room there isn’t a single tool that is going to save you more time, energy, and money than using a paint roller. This great tool not only creates a much smoother look but it will also use less paint overall than painting a room entirely by hand. When you are painting your room you should paint in small squares of four or five feet to ensure the best look possible.

Save Time

Depending on the project you are undertaking the job could be drawn out over several days and cleaning the brushes and rollers can be a serious annoyance at the end of a long day. The easiest way to preserve the quality of your tools without having the hassle of cleaning them after every day is to freeze them. It sounds strange but this simple technique works great and all you need to do this trick is a couple of plastic bags. All you need to do is seal your tools up in the plastic bags and place the bags into the freezer until you’re ready to continue the job again.

Choose Your Paint

There are two different types of paint that are used for painting walls in a room. The more popular of the two paints is latex paint which is preferred because of its quick drying time and also because if you make a few spills you can use a rag and clean up the paint by using soap and water. The other type of paint that is commonly used when painting walls is oil based paints. These oil based paints take a lot longer to dry than latex paint but they also hold up better over time than latex paints. If you decide to use oil based paints on your walls you will need to let the room dry for up to twenty four hours. You should also keep some turpentine on hand to clean up any spills that you may have quickly.