How To Paint A Door

Painting is a boring and tedious task that doesn’t usually create many difficulties expect when you get around to painting doors. Doors create a number of difficult challenges like painting the joints, molded pieces, and sealing. In order to undertake this project you will need cloths, paint, paint scrapers, sandpaper, and rubber gloves. When you are working with paints, stains, and other chemicals it is important to make sure that you are wearing proper safety equipment and to ensure that you are in a properly ventilated area.

Preparing To Paint

Dirt, oils, and grime are often responsible for flaws in paint and this unsightly prospect can be avoided by cleaning the door using mild soap and water before you begin to paint. Before you begin to paint you should also take a few measures to protect your floor beneath the door. The easiest way to do this is to lay down some newspaper to protect the floor from spilt paint.

Another method you can use to ensure that your door comes out looking it best after you paint is to ensure that the newly cleaned surface is in prime painting condition. To give your door the proper look you should ensure that you use a paint scrapper and sand paper to remove the old paint from the door instead of painting over it. After you have removed all of the old, chipped paint it is time to prime the door. When you are priming a door you need to ensure that you cover the entire surface in order to make sure the door won’t warp from moisture or other causes.

Paining The Door

Painting door panels can be tricky work but it is generally easier if you start from the inside of the panel and start to slowly work your way out to the detailed molded parts of the door. When you are working in the corners of a panel you need to make sure you paint out instead of into a corner as painting into a corner will leave a large pile of paint lying in the corner of the panel.

Painting the edges of a door is the last step in painting a door. The easiest way to paint the edges of the door is to open the door fully so that the edges are plainly visible and ready for painting. If you have painted the door more than one color you should ensure that the edges of the door match the corresponding colors.