How to Dispose of Paint

Disposing or saving paint can sometimes be a hassle. You just want to throw it in the trash or down the drain or just put it in your garage. But here are some simple tips to follow when you are looking to dispose of paint. Many times when you finish a painting project you will have leftover paint. You want to save some of the paint so you will be able to do some touch ups when needed. If you do decide to get rid of the leftover paint you need to do so in a safe manner and be environmentally conscious when doing so. Here are some tips you can follow when you store the paint, how to dispose of water-based paint and how to dispose of solvents and oil-based paint.

When you are ready to store your leftover paint you should:

* Make sure that there is no dried or moist paint from the threads on the can as well as on the lid.

* Be sure you completely cover the can with either plastic wrap or a piece of wax paper for paints that are oil based. This seal that you place on the paint will make it easier to remove a film that may form after the paint has been stored for some time. The longer the storage time the thicker and bigger the film will be.

* Turn the can of paint upside down as the paint will form a skin to better seal the paint so it is fresher when you reuse it.

* Place the lid securely on the can and gently tap it with either a hammer or rubber mallet until the top is sealed of tightly. You want to have it on tight but not too tight as it will be tough to reopen.

* Be sure to store the paint in an area that is away from heat. Paint is flammable and when the can is exposed to high temperatures the can can expand and the paint can leak.

* If the paint is water-based keep away from freezing temperatures as the paint can freeze. When the paint thaws out it still can be used but every time the paint freezes it degrades.

IMPORTANT: If the paint is liquid based it should not be dumped at a landfill or ever poured down the sink.

Here are a few tips to follow when disposing of water-based paints.

* Get a paper bag or cardboard box and fill it with kitty litter, sawdust, or sand. This will be the absorbent material.

* Slowly pour the paint you have leftover over the absorbent material. You have to give it time to absorb and by pouring the paint too quickly you may spill.

* Give the paint a chance to completely dry. Make sure that you leave the paint in an area that is well ventilated and away from kids and pets. Also be sure that the paint is not next to a direct heat source.

* Once it is dry you can throw the paint away in the outside garbage.

Oil based paints and solvents are considered to be hazardous waste materials. You must take proper precautions to dispose of oil-based paints and solvents in a proper manner. Here are a few tips on disposing of Oil-based Paint and Solvents.

* Never dispose of oil-based paints or solvents in the regular garbage or by pouring them down the sink.

* Check if you community has hazardous waste collections for items such as paints.

* Look into your local regulations on how to properly dispose of oil-based paints and solvents.

* For more information on how to properly dispose of oil-based paints and other paint information you can visit

By following some of these simple tips it will make it much easier for you to dispose and save paint as well as being safe and environmentally conscious.