How to Choose the Right Paint Roller

It is important that you have the right paint roller when you decide to paint. A paint roller has a handle, a roller cover, and a cage. The roller cover is also referred to as the sleeve.

Here are a few things to look for to choose the right paint roller:

* You should pick a handle that is made up of steel and comes with a plastic grip that will be threaded. The threading on the handle of the roller will let you use an extension pole for areas that you cannot reach. When looking at the handle be sure that it feels comfortable in your hand. If it slips or feels awkward in your hand try another roller.

* When choosing a roller make sure that the cage on the roller can be replaced easily. The more you have to pull and jerk the roller cover on the roller the more you may spill or spray paint around you.

* When you choose a roller make sure that the roller cover will stay in place and not slip off. Also make sure that the cage will not slide off as well.

* If you are doing a job where you will be using oil-based paint you should choose a roller cover that is made from natural fibers. Some of the natural fibers you can look for are sheepskin, mohair, and wool. You can use a synthetic-fiber roller cover but natural ones tend to work better with oil-based paints.

* If you are using water-based paint (latex paint) you should always use a roller cover that is made of synthetic fiber.

To get better coverage with the paint using a roller cover you should choose one that has fibers that are dense. For the length of the fiber a rule of thumb can be that the smoother the surface of what you will be painting the shorter the lengths of the fibers on the roller cover should be.


The first tip is to pick a good roller. Do not choose a cheap roller, as they will cause the paint to drip more and splatter. They also do not give as even as a coverage than with better roller covers.

* For painting smaller areas you can choose rollers that are specifically designed for smaller areas and trim. If you are a beginner it may be a good idea to brush the trim and then roll the rest of what you are painting.

If you are painting walls and ceilings you should look for 9” long rollers.

* Make sure that you also have a roller tray or roller grid. A roller grid can work better as you can take a lot of the paint off the roller and you will have fewer drips and you will not put too much paint on the wall.

Author: Jason Green