How To Choose Paint For High Traffic Areas In Your Home

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose paint for high traffic areas of your home. You have to choose the right paint because it will see more wear and tear than in areas of your home that does not see as much traffic. You have to look for several properties of the paint when choosing paint for high traffic areas.

Here are some things you can look for when choosing paint for high traffic areas.

* You should try to use latex paint if you want the paint that will be the easiest to use. Latex paint is water-based and will clean up simply with a little soap and water. Latex paint will also dry faster and it will not emit paint fumes.

* You can choose a latex paint with a high gloss for most surfaces that see a lot of use such as a bathroom or a kitchen. For work on the trim in your home such as on doorframes, windowsills, and baseboards, latex gloss paint is good to use because it is also very durable.

* When you want to be able to scrub the painted finish you should use gloss paint. Gloss paint will give you more shine and it can be great paint to use for baseboards. But you would not want to use gloss paint on larger surfaces in your home such as on the walls.

* For hard use areas in your home such as in a laundry room or a playroom for your children either eggshell or low gloss paint is a good choice. You have to remember that for the higher degree of shine with the paint the easier the paint will be to clean.

* You can prime darker surfaces in your home if you want to lighten them, such as if you want to change from darker cabinet colors to a lighter shade, especially white. If the surface is very dark it may be a good idea to use two coats of primer so the darkness will not be seen when covering it with the lighter shade of paint. You really do not have to prime surfaces that are lighter because glossy paints cover very well.

* When you use gloss paint you need to prepare the surface very well. This higher the gloss the more you will be able to notice imperfections. Because of this you have to be sure to sand, fill, and prime the surface thoroughly to make it so the finish looks good.

* Try to buy the best quality paint that you will be able to afford. By doing this it will save you money in the long run as you will not have to repaint the surfaces as often.

* If you are still unsure what type of paint you want you should consult a professional.